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Tron is a Singapore based, non profit, organization that wants to revolutionize how we deal with our personal data, social networks and online gaming.

-What Tronix want to be?

In the last years our online data has been taken by online centralized corporation like Facebook and Google. Everything we post on the internet and all our personal data create profit for these corporations, and we have no control over them.
What the Tron foundation wants to do is to create a protocol based on the blockchain technology that will let the users manage their post and their information, generate a profit with them, and establish a network that will work just as any other social network.
Tron wants also to enter in the online gaming market: almost all online games have a virtual coin, but it is different for every game. TRX can be used as a common coin between all games, eliminating the need to buy game-specific coin that are completely useless in other situations. You could sell a weapon in Team Fortress 2 and buy another one in Counter Strike with the same coin.
All these ideas look very promising, and the Tron Foundation has laid down a very specific roadmap that is divided in five different steps: Exodus,Odyssey, Apollo, Star Trek, Eternity. The Tron protocol will be completed in 2024/2025 with the Eternity version, so we will have to wait a little to finally see it working.

-Where Tronix is right now?

Pretty much nowhere… there is no MVP (minimum viable product) and no real blockchain right now. If you buy TRX right now you will have a ERC-20 token, that does absolutely nothing. Right now TRX is a just a reservation for when the blockchain and the protocol will be operative. Nothing more, nothing less.

-Who are the people behind the Tron foundation?
The Tron Foundation has been very transparent with the Team, you will find all the information both on the site and in the Whitepaper. The biggest name is obviously the Founder and Justin Sun, who also founded Pei Woo APP, one of the most important App in China. Sun is also onboard with Ripple as the Great China Advisor and he is a Jack Ma protégée. Also the rest looks very solid and very competent, you can easily check all of them on Website.

-Who are the partners?
The biggest partener is the PeiWo App, a chinese voice content community with more than 10 million users subscribed and 1 million active users monthly . Justin Sun will use the Pei Wo App to test the TRX and the Tron protocol. The advantage is that there will be users testing massively the network from day one, and will be immediately known by the public without the need for a big PR campaign, so TRX will definitely have a jump start when it will be introduced.
The other partners are:
-FBG Capital: A digital asset management firm in the blockchain-based capital market
-BitMain: The leading company in designing and building ASIC-chips, used for mining cryptocurrency and AI.
-Bixin: A Bitcoin mining pool and a Wallet service
-ico365: An ICO services; has been closed since China banned ICO.
-GRAVITYLESS : Couldn’t find anything on them, so if you know anything about them please write in the comment below.
-Open Ledger: One of the biggest decentralized financial platform, overseen by IBM and the Linux Foundation

-Final thoughts
Right now Tron is not offering nothing real on the market, just a lot of hype, a PDF, and an almost useless ERC20 token. From my personal point of view the technology can become very important in the future, and I sincerely doubt that this is scam (looking at the team, and at how much Justin Sun has put at stake). But right now is a jump in the void, because we know almost nothing on how the technology will work and more important there is no real working product, only speculation.
This is a coin for people that are not eager to cash out in just some months, and if you want to invest you have to trust at 100% the team and what they have said, because there is no real proof that what they are trying to do will work, and that it will not just collapse the first day.

Whitepaper: https://dn-peiwo-web.qbox.me/Tron-Whitepaper-1031-V18-EN.pdf

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Justin Sun sure does tweet alot about a product that is just air atm

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