I'm a big fan of ICON I just started a YouTube channel and made this video about it. Let me know what you think!

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Hey everyone! The blockchain world is about to get more competitive, with ICON Foundation's new crypto platform and ICX tokens. 3rd generation blockchain technology with future ICO offerings through nexus decentralized exchange. Icon comes from South Korea, and will hyperconnect the world using integrated cross platform communication with other blockchain and sub communities, making it a blockchain of blockchains.

Buy Icon ICX Here:
Binance Exchange
Sign Up Link: http://314.show/binance
*Using my Binance link will help support me and keep the show going




Youtube Channel (Hindi USA Version):

Youtube Channel (Gujarati USA Version):
Coming Soon!

Gujarati (America)
Video Coming Soon!

Hindi (America)
Video Coming Soon!

Gujarati (India)
Video Coming Soon!

Hindi (India)
Video Coming Soon!

Let me know what you think down below in the comments. Let me know which videos you would like for me to do next, or if you have any questions and/or suggestions. I'll be releasing Gujarati and Hindi versions of my videos as well, so stayed tuned for that.

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icon is great project, im looking forward to seeing what they do this year


Yes I agree it is a great project and I'm also looking forward to seeing what they do this year. :)

Hi honey. Great video. I know your busy. Your looking great. Loved it. Keep it up. I’ve been busy. I have my eye on you. Well that said. Now I have my ear on you. I hear great beautiful, and wonderful things about you!!!. Keep it up. Keep in touch. I have a vision for you that is unseen by the human eye...you are a ⭐️...@johnskotts
Below I’ll paste a steem group I’m in. Join talk be yourself in no time you’ll be the talk of the group. There a great support.
Thank you ❤️


Thank you SOOO much John! Been missing you on Twitter! <3 I'll join now!!! :)


Thank you John! I really appreciate you and your support! Been looking for you on twitter. I'll join the group now! <3

Good job. Great video. Keep them coming. Good little informative lesson on icon. It’s another I wish I’d bought early on!


Thank you so much for checking it out and your support. Still time during this dip :)

Hey Py! Glad to see you're updating your Steemit posts! Keep the great content coming, I'll always be one of your biggest fans. :-) Looking forward to the next one!


Yessss!!! I'm trying to be EVERYWHERE lol...I'll do my best working on a news video right now...thank you Fiz!!! Did you get your workout in today? :)


Just saw this!

Haha, nope - only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. ;-)

Hi hun!!! I’ve been locked out of twitter. No clue why. I sent ticket still no response. I have no clue why I was locked out. Send a note to Joey fir me tell him I’ll be back soon. Waiting for twitter to decide lol...thanks a a bunch. I m still watching g even thoe I’m not on twitter ❤️

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