Is Earning Crypto's through Fitness Apps going to take off?

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I've been curious about this idea recently and finally had some time to investigate tonight.


I've also been all about earning cryptos for some of my daily routines recently. I've been using presearch for all my web searches and signed up for mannabase Universal basic Income Here.(PS for transparency both are referral links if you interested in them). I've also been really excited about smart cash and their smart rewards system as a way to earn some extra crytpos

I've also been signing up for some airdrops of new coins, which I'm still not convinced is a good use of my time.

Fitness Rewards

Well tonight I stumbled upon two new crytpocurrencies offering free airdrops of there tokens that are going to used a rewards for completing exercises, attending gyms and such, and a third also in ICO stage with no free bees.

The first is called BEAT by SportsAlliance, they are going to distribute 60% of the total token supply over the next 20 years and rewards for fitness activities. They are giving away 100 free BEATS if you sign up for the airdrop and telegram page Here-referral link They seam to have big plans to work with a lot of established companies in the fitness community to use there token as rewards and payments and building a full ecosystem.

The second one I found was called GYM rewards and they are also giving away 100 free GYM tokens in there airdrop-Referral Link To me they seam a bit more grass roots focusing on the user earning the tokens and looking for ways to partner with gyms or even event coordinators.

From GYM Rewards website here

The third new ICO I found tackling this idea is Lympo here. I don't really get the name. They are doing much of the same thing, but also has another spin on it. They are very upfront above selling your fitness data. They also talk about creating partnerships with employers and health insurers. I can certainly see the appeal in this and it could already be happening in secret, but it's really going to the next level.

Past/Current Fitness Cryto's

I figured someone must have already tried this idea and I did find FitCoin. They still have an app available on the App store, but it hasn't been updated in a long time and has zero reviews. There website content isn't dated, but links to a 2 year old YouTube video and makes referrence to just launching there coin in the Bitshares platform, but I can't find it there and from the coin market cap graph, it looks like it was launched in August 2016 and pretty much went to zero around Oct 2017. Maybe someone knows the full story or has a link for me?

The second one I came across was SweatCoin,. Some of the articles about it refers to is as a digital currency, but it looks like it's just a mobile app, with it's own internal reward system and I can't find any reference to a real cyptocurrency. Unfortunately it's not available in Canada so I can't do any of my own investigations.

I used to use PactApp in the past to earn monetary rewards for my fitness activity and over a couple years I earned about $100, it never got me rich, but I've always found any sort of monetary reward to be quite motivating for me personally.

I do think this is going to be a big part of this cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution and curious who will come out on top or if any will succeed

If you know of any others or have any insights please do share.

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resteemed, great post, there are some interesting fitness coins that you mentioned in your article.


Thx man, I'll be watching these closely and giving them a try when they are released.

i always think about new ways crypto will become apart of other things, this may be one of them


Yeah, I do really see them talking over so many aspects of everyday life.

Sweatcoin is definitely not crypto, it's just an internal rewards token for rewards that are never in stock. It reminded me of those old catalogs for redeeming UCPs back when I was a kid. It was always crazy stuff that either you didn't want, or stuff you did want that was insanely overpriced (100,000 points for a gameboy or something like that, lol).

I deleted the app a long time ago and never looked back.


Thanks for the review man, it's funny how they throw around "digital currency" to describe just about anything.I'll skip this even if it does come to Canada.

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As someone who exercises I also signed up for GYM, it seems legit. Only time will tell.


Cool man, I think it's my fav on the list too.

Money is always a powerful motivator. Unfortunately I am 68 years old and gyms and fitness are a little too much for me...Your article shows what the future/present will be : cryptos everywhere.


You can still do a little something I'm sure, but consult a doctor first. I do really expect to see cryptos everywhere though,

Wow, never thought of that. Sure could be a motivator.


I know it would certainly give me a little kick in the ass anyways.

Thanks for this info, I wasn't aware of this, signinup immediately


Cool, I'm excited for the real release and giving them a try.

Wow. Love these ideas. Bookmarking this post to come back to it...



Yeah, I'd really like to see them in action. I'll be watching them closely as well.

Anything is possible. New ideas keep on coming everyday. It's a race till the end


How cool would it be to earn crypto while at the gym , such a great idea..


Yeah, I find having some little reward to stay on track always helps.

Really insightful post! I really hope that fitness based cryptocurrencies can succeed because it could be extremely beneficial to the public.


Yeah, anything to help motivate people.

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Thanks for the info, as a fitness freak this is music to my ears.
Since I'm a complete noob regarding digital currecy it will take me some time to figure out how everything works but it sunds amazing.