Could Crypto bring more balance to Life?

Have you ever thought about the fact that as we get older life gets a lot harder. Do you remember how carefree you were as a kid. As we progress though life our money is worth less and emotionally & physically you suffer more. Parents get old, lovers are lost, taxes, insurance, medical aid, bonds, empty nests; life is not easy. Life is easy when you're a kid and it seems to find resistance as time goes by.

With all of the change that comes with living life and with time comes inflation; this means everything you have worked for and accumulated throughout your early years is worth less.

Imagine a life where this system is more balanced. Imagine that as you get older you can focus and brace yourself for the strife/lessons that come with living and the responsibilities that follow whilst growing up (i.e children). Imagine all this whilst your money increases in value instead of decreasing in value; wouldn't that be fair?

In my eyes this will bring us balance. It will allow us to focus on spiritual and emotional growth whilst not crushing us with a sense of anxiety as financially we all tend take strain with each day that passes, where we spend more of our reserves whilst our liquid assets deflate. I dream of a different ratio of stressors to rewards. I dream of a portion of life that gets easier as another portion of life gets more difficult to cope with, a 1:1 ratio.

maybe I am dreaming of a cryptopia...


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