My Evaluation of Golem, Cryptocurrency ICO

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago 

Golem seeks to create a virtual, worldwide, decentralized supercomputer with a native currency. Very cool idea. Let’s see what we have.

MVP: No. Definitely not. God no. More on that in a bit.

of developers: 11 fully-qualified developers, AND linked to their Linkedin profiles. Very cool. After perusing their Linkedin profiles I’m not impressed. The most impressive “Accomplishment” on their linkedin profiles is that they’re mostly bilingual in English and Polish. They want to revolutionize the universe with a god-like supercomputer and they bring the informatical JV team. Pass.

Big Players: None. Their CEO got his degree in Political Science and their CTO, while possessing MSc degrees in both mathematics and computer science, he also has no accomplishments of note.

Story: That’s pretty much all they’ve got. It’s a well-written white paper, but their site already contains broken jpg and gif files. Oh, and MVP? Here’s their road map, or “list of challenges” as they like to say.


  1. Make a worldwide supercomputer.
  2. Make everybody use it.
  3. Profit.

Their twitter presence is almost nonexistent.

Sorry, this is wildly speculative, with a decent-sized team of mediocrities running the show. I would pass. Or sell, as the case may be. See if you can move your position from Golem to Omega One or LAToken.

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