My Evaluation of Decent.Bet, the Gambling Cryptocurrency ICO

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago 

Casino gambling on the blockchain. Already a good story. And they definitely see the problem I immediately envisioned. From their white paper:

“Games that are traditionally played at a quick pace, are slowed down due to the slow block times for RNG and transactions on the blockchain in general. Although this would not be a problem in the future with the scheduled upgrades to the Ethereum network that will greatly improve its capacity, games right now are painfully slow and don’t replicate any regular online casino in terms of speed and experience. This poses a significant roadblock in convincing the masses to switch to a blockchain based platform.”

OK so how do they propose to solve this problem? They vaguely refer to “off-chain state channels” to serve as an intermediary between the destination blockchain and the casino blockchain. They also vaguely refer to “centralized oracles.” They’re really unclear about how it works. Smells like a smokescreen for a bunch of greedy marketing majors to figure out the problem while smoking Cuban cigars using hundred dollar bills as a flame source.

of developers: uh, 3? But one of them apparently just has one name: “Anonymous.” And his picture is a cartoon ninja.

Pass on this ponzi scheme.

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