Giveaway B: 5 PGAI worth 50$ for 100 people with the total prize pool of 5000$

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We are really happy with the results of campaign a and our marketing strategy. That's why we are willing to give out another 5% of the team shares to build a stronger community.

While campaign a is still active, we are announcing our second campaign. This time we will have 100 winners with the smaller prize of 50$, whereas we will have one big winner for 5000$ on campaign a.

What is PGAI ?

PGAI stands for "Private Group of Anonymous Investors". We are developing a platform which destroys the borders and the regulations when it comes to investing in ICO's. We give you the option of staying faceless.

We will also integrate another platform which will let you invest in trading bots and we are working on a program for pre-icos under a million dollars that will give our investors a chance to invest in startups while they are still small.

To learn more about us:
Have any questions or want to be a partner ?

How do I participate in the giveaway ?

We have three requirements and you should get all of them done:

  1. Resteem this post
  2. Upvote it
  3. Follow us

Technicality of the giveaway

It is actually the same as the campaign a. We will create 3 separate datasets and synthesize a new one from their intersection. This way we will guarantee that our winners meet all three requirements.

We will put our synthesized dataset into a randomizing engine and have an outcome of 150 accounts. We will email the initial 100 winners first and if they do not reply in 7 days we will email our backup winners.

We are really excited about the new resteeming strategy!

In campaign b we made a couple of things differently if we compare it to campaign a. We reduced the prize but we increased the number of winners by a recommendation from our followers. However the main thing about the campaign b is that we included resteeming into the requirements and we believe it will reach bigger audiences and we will have a stronger community.

Good luck to everyone! If you have any questions you can leave a comment and we will try to reply.

Also, take a look at our articles on steemit.

Thank you.

Whitelisting now open on

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I'm in!

Wow! I am in!

nice looking project.....

Done it all: upvoted / followed / resteemed!

Done! Great idea, and thanks for the opportunity!

This sound great, especialy for us, the little ones

Done! And good luck!

Thanks. I upvoted and resteemed. I'm also curious on how you plan to email the winners without collecting email addresses?


we will probably change our method and publish the usernames as a post.


This is a great opportunity for the new steemite

How will you contact the winners? I'm not sure you can see everyone's e-mails?


You are correct, we will probably end up sharing their usernames as one big post.

looks great but does it hold the picture

nice looking project.....

Which period will the consolidating and results of this be published?

I love this post. You guys are really trying.

@pgai its a wise project. I hope I still stand an outside chance!

All 3 Requirements Completed :)

waoo amazing!!! congrats

DONE :D !!!

It's look fine

Done for a try

I don't see any harm in giving it a go.

Great idea folks! I'm definitely interested

nice i will pm more about it when i finish to read white book ty

project looks promising




Nice :). I would be really, really happy, if you guys could look up my paperpiano and tell me, what you think of this :D.
Thank you
Piano Master

looking solid I think those people will be greatful !

Thank you information about the programming you post, hopefully useful for me and other themes, I will personally mencaba enter this group, what if there is less know about this group, please your direction and guidance. by @adoelesteem my love

Is it too late to join?


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