How to choose a GOOD Masternodes in 5 steps...

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Hi guys,

Today I'd like to share with you my idea about ..How to choose a #masternode?!?!

First of all you should do your own research about everything that you see on #steemit...

After saying that...this is how "I choose my masternodes"

I go to the website where you can choose the masternodes

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 7.04.16 pm.png

Then I create a spreadsheet to select the masternodes that I believe by the numbers that are a good investment.

You need to pass the data from internet to a spreadsheet...

How to pass data from the internet to a spreadsheet, please use the link below to learn how to do it (for Mac)

I used this youtube to learn how to do it...feel free to use it.

After you learned how to pass the data to a spreadsheet, you are going to have something like this...

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 7.12.31 pm.png

And after all that homework, start the process that I use to select the best investment!!! below $1000 investment

Step by step:

1- Create a filter on the first line of your data on the spreadsheet.
Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 7.16.51 pm.png

2- Select on the Column "Mn Worth" , and choose "less than $1000"...and you only going to see the masternodes that cost less than $1000.

3- Select on the Column "Volume" , and choose "Greater than $7000" ...and you going to see the masternodes that are less than $1000 dollars cost and have a volume of 24hours greater than $7000.

4- Select the Column "Nodes", and you choose "Greater than 500" ....only going to see masternodes with more than 500 masternodes on line.

5- Select the Column "Marketcap" and you choose "Greater than $1,000,000.00" ....and you only going to see masternodes with more than 1 million Market capital.

-Investment less $1000
-Volume greater than $7000
-Number online of Masternodes 500
-With a minimum Market Capital of 1 Million

an up to date (11/06/2018), this is how your spreadsheet looks like after your filters done.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 7.32.41 pm.png

This is the easy part...

Then you need to research all the masternodes of that list, because lot's of them are #SCAM !!!

  • ROI of each one
  • How long the masternode is on line (very important, I advice to choose one with more than 3 months!!!)
  • The website of the crypto, and the purpose of that coin/utility
  • The tweeter account
  • How much pay by month
  • Discord
  • Telegram

Guys is a lot of work...but passive income make you work for a bit in the beginning...then is a PASSIVE INCOME!!

Of course that I use that number, but then you can use your own number, for example masternodes less than $500 each one...

But please do your own research because there is a lot of scam!!!! don't believe in coins that cost $1000 and give you $2000 dollars a month....don't be innocent smart!!!

You can use to help you on your research.

Good luck guys!!!


Thank you for reading and for commenting!

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