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in cryptocurrency •  10 months ago

Plexcoin, the next crypto-currency?

So, I was looking at their website and saw that there will be 4 stages for people to invest early. The first stage will be selling 1 Plexcoin for 0.13 USD, with an expected turn around of 1354% in the first 29 days and there on after. I'm sort of perplexed how they would get this number, but then I do realize that if this is successful in the first two stages, where they're the cheapest... People will be trying to buy them from others for less than market value, right? So supply and demand will work with this, in my opinion. I wonder if it will be as successful as they expect it to be, because I'm going to invest in them asap.

What do you think about Plexcoin?

Register for early access to purchase Plexcoin here!:

Yes, that is a reference link, you don't have to use it as I've posted the regular one above.

Edit: I'm no expert or anywhere close to one on cryptocurrencies. Take my advice if you wish to, but do look into this for yourself before making a decision.

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