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ChainCoin has grown ridiculously as most other coins have gone down.


The power of HODLing! Buy some ChainCoin and join a community of people who buy, hold and together make great profits :)

Check out this great video:

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There is a pump and dump going on with this coin. Don't waste your money. HODLING a worthless coin doesn't work in the long run.


Pump and dump goes on with any growing coin. We have a strong community HODLing and the charts don't lie about the great effect this has had. Over 30x growth in under 2 weeks, that's record breaking!

This coin could never be worthless, especially because it has Masternodes giving you residual income.


So why didn't it grow in 2015, 2016? Why now? PIVX was @2.90$, is now at 1.50$. How long will it take for a person to have invested at 2.90$ if the price stays at that level or plummets to 0.25$. Masternodes just inflate a coin, doesn't earn any income if the price can't keep its level.

This coin does not solve any problems. As soon as anyone starts to seriously sell their stack the price will drop like crazy. Your shitcoin already dropped by 50% today...


Bull. No dumpers in this community. Hodl baby hodl haha you will be sorry you could get cheap now. Steady ahead😎

Hodl hodl hodl. We can do it!