21% of the entire block chain! :) 27 ztex 1.15y boards

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago

So my FPGA boards have been neglected. They have been sitting completely unused for 2 years. I fired them up on the blakecoin block chain and now comprise 20.6% of the mining power of the network. Not too bad for hardware that was sitting unused for so long. At their peak these were phenomenal at BTC mining. 21 GH/s




Very cool

Do you still have all those boards?

Sure do! They are running currently mining blakecoin.

Any chance you'd be willing to sell some/all of them? I have a very specific workload that works well on the quad Spartan-6 boards(not mining) and trying to find some original or even clone boards has been impossible.

I'd also be interested in you're willing to sell the boards. Please let me know.