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It has been long writing on Steemit and had an equally long journey to cover this morning... was pondering how my fellow steemians are doing and read some great posts... got my act together to pen down.

I have been noticing these posters advertising how to buy crypto, don't know where to buy Crypto, and is this right crypto for me...and many more slogans grabbing everyone’s attention, making sure there are pretty looking crypto symbols explaining how they can change your life’s by investing in the right one for you. Only 3 simple steps to follow:-

  1. Register your details,
  2. Explore the world of crypto and
  3. Finally buy...

These companies are helping to copy leading crypto traders making sure one has a diversified crypto portfolio. However, I have never dared to explore these companies which come with fees and hidden charges. I have a learned a lot from Steemit and the posts available here about crypto gives an insight to learn and earn more. Buying crypto may not be appropriate for everyone but it feels like freedom or should I say complete decentralisation... Cryptocurrency projects are backed by technology and people’s trust.

I am glad I took this opportunity to share my thoughts to realise I have reached my destination. Have a good day all.


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