Decentralized Remote Collaborative Platform with Qravity

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The entertainment industry has been growing at an astronomical rate in recent years due to the development of sophisticated technology. The increased popularity of Virtual Reality (VR) technology offer users an immersive experience of games, apps, movies, etc. And many companies have been established to create content that users love. There have also been many innovative platforms that have sought to bridge the gap between the virtual world and the real world. This has resulted in the unusual growth of the industry in the last decade.

Some Current Challenges of the Current Entertainment Market


However, the number quality contents have been very few. Though there is a significant number of great ones, there is room for more. But as it stands at the moment, it is very difficult for a project owner to find talented and experienced team members who are based in the same location. Also, many potentially great projects have been abandoned by teams due to various disputes ranging from inability to quantify the amount of effort each member put in the project to difficulty in effective communications.

In a bid to tackle these challenges, various freelancing platforms have been established to enable people outsource tasks remotely. But even then, there is no fair remuneration model as the freelancers are often offered ridiculously low prices. And there is no sense of ownership as the project owners often have all copyright claims. Thus, it becomes very difficult for the freelancers to have public recognition for their work. Others have issues with funding which can lead to project postponement or even cancellation.

What Qravity is offering


Qravity aims to solve these challenges by creating an all-in-one platform which enables producers and content creators to collaborate on projects which have entertainment value such as videos, books, games and other forms of digital contents. The platform brings together a pool of producers and creators and connects them to form remote teams that will enjoy the same collaborative advantages of both remote and localized teams. It incentivizes users to contribute willingly to a project for a stake in its ownership.

What makes it unique is that it allows the content developers to reap the benefits of decentralized ledger technology, seamless payment processing, and dispute resolution. Project owners can communicate effectively with their team members through the social network features, so that the members can know exactly what they are expected to do.

In the next article, I will explain how the Qravity platform works. In the meantime, you can get more information from their website, Telegram Group, whitepaper and ANN Thread.

This article was written by Paul Omits. You can reach out or check my profile (fempat) on BitcoinTalk.
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