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In the near future crypto is going to take a hard dive with the fall of btc. A distrubing prediction being that many people may lose their coins which is obviously bad news for the newly emerging coins.

In terms of a very legitimate prediction based on your situation:

  • Short term traders and weak hands are bound to make a loss
  • Long term traders are likely to make a profit, but you'll have to hold out.

Either sell now or hold your position for the long run.

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If you believe this tech to be a game changer, just HODL.


buy the dip and hodl bro ;)

This is what exactly i had mentioned earlier in my post, for those young minds and starter up, bitcoin is like a game of throne, no win win for those Short term traders because what you are expecting from ROI with weak hands ? . Try Blogging

where are you sourcing your information from?


These are my predictions on current affairs and general sentiment.


so either sell now, or hold, but don't buy at the current prices as you are predicting a further fall in prices.
I personally am buying more at the current prices as I think the dip will be relatively short lived, but if it keeps to go down all the better ;)

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