What did I do! [Cryptocurrecy-Workout]

in #cryptocurrency6 years ago


That's to much!
You know, I have to do 20 crunches for ever percent, the XLM value rise. In only 24 hours it rose over 50%.
XLM have a value of 0,5205 USD now. For me that are over 1000 crunches!!!
I don't know how I should made it.
I should do them on one day but 1000 are very much.
But i said it and i will do it, with a lot of breaks.
I made a video, where you can see me doing 200 crunches but i will also do the other ones.



I took the value from this website "https://www.coingecko.com/de".
I will see you tomorrow and have a nice day!

##parandox## //Andi//

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