A Peek Inside Sentinel Chain.

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Hello to all and thanks for have clicked on this article! in this article we will take a peek inside Sentinel Chain.

What is Sentinel Chain?

Sentinel Chain breaks the cycle problem of credit access for the unbanked population across Asia by creating a blockchain based platform.
They aim to unlock the value of livestock assets identifying, quantify and verify ownership. This allows possibility to be used as collateral for insurance and loan purposes, and through the Sentinel Platform the unbanked can benefit and participate in growing markets. Financial services like insurance, savings, payments, credit and investments are now unlocked globally to the 420million unbanked population across Asia, thus a token to financial freedom.
It is fantastic that a platform like Sentinel Chain seeks to unlock the market potential of the unbanked. Dead capital in developing countries can be accessed for overseas financial services. Sentinel Chain provides a medium facilitating these transactions and contracts. Livestock ID tagging is also documented on the blockchain, making it temper proof and unmutable.
Since 2017 the team has been working hard and will be live in 2019 with their second version of the platform, the token is the only means of payment and cryptocurrency used.

Which Feature will have Sentinel Chain?

LOANS: For local financing companies to publish loan agreements on CrossPay Blockchain, hedged on livestock collateral.

E-PAYMENTS: For token holders to use the service of CrossPay Blockchain to make electronic payments with local merchants.

COMMUNITY PROJECTS: For overseas donors to use the service of Sentinel Chain to fund the local community projects like humanitarian aid or disaster relief.

INSURANCE: For insurance companies to publish livestock insurance on CrossPay Blockchain, based on verifiable livestock assets on CrossPay Blockchain.

CROWDFUNDING : For overseas peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding platforms to use the service of Sentinel Chain to provide financing for local financing companies.

COLLATERAL : For local financing companies to use as collateral to borrow from overseas financing companies.

These are the six major features that Sentinel Chain will have;

My Personal opinion about this project :
I belive the project has huge potential and a lot to live up to. Of course this is a new and untouched market with no current competitor. This means that the team must work hard and develop as stated in the road map before competition arrive. Also, being a new market, there is a lot of room for error and mistakes which renders the task of scaling and getting the platform utilized more complicated. Surely there are more people interested in the project in developed regions than developing countries. Funny how the people investing will probably never utilize or follow the project to the end, and the people that could benefit from this project have no clue at all of what it is about. Sentinel Chain must make it a point to integrate this technology with the practices and capabilities of the unbanked population, reaching out to them and letting them know the possibilities they can unlock by integrating Sentinel in their lives. The success of Sentinel Chain depends on the adoption of the platform, and if people find it usefull to transact and track their assets it might have a long life. Sentinel Chain has very strong partners like : Vechain , Infocorp, maybank and Medishares. Also Sentinel has Strong investors inside this project like Fenbushi Capital and Iglobepartners.
so what to say? Full Steam Ahead Sentinel Chain! Good Luck to all the Investors!

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seems like sentinel needs to work on there network security, major vulnerabilities.https://thenextweb.com/hardfork/2018/02/07/sentinel-chain-ico-leak-passport/
Great info on sentinel, got me researching on this topic.

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excelente información !

These people are not unbanked - there is Myanmar agricultural development bank and they can use farmland and machinery as collateral.