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There's so much going on in the world of cryptocurrency these days it's almost impossible to keep up with all the news. It can be a full time job to stay informed! Luckily this problem is recognized by many others as well, and we're seeing an increasingly large amount of tools to make the life of a cryptocurrency trader easier. One of them is the Cryptocurrency Calendar!

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The cryptocurrency calendar is really simple: It's a website which lists all the upcoming news events for all the cryptocurrencies on a calendar. It is updated by the userbase itself. Yes, you too could contribute to this calendar.


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It's also curated by the community, and through a voting system rumours are verified as real or exposed as fake. This is to keep fake news out of it, as much as possible. A percentage slider will appear in the project to show the validity of the rumour, and proof and sources are available as well for you to check out.

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I've found this resource to be a great tool to keep up with upcoming events for projects that I don't follow constantly myself. Others have already done the leg work, and everything is available for easy viewing!

Of course, not all news is reported on this website: it's all up to the community to keep the calendar up to date of course. Still, it's a nice add-on to my list of trading tools! It's definitely worth a scroll-through form time to time.

Check out (yes, aptly named)

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Great share! Resteemed and I'll be using this tool. Thanks.

You're welcome!

It's a great idea, thanks for spreading the word.

You're welcome! Thanks for the support! :)

Thanks...this is really useful! Upvote and Resteem

You're welcome! And thanks for the upvote and resteem!!

Good to know that there are community driven ICO calenders. I like the proof and validation part.

Yes, that's the best part! It filters out the fake news generally

I've seen people reference this but never knew where the source was from. Thanks!

You're welcome!
it's kind of handy.. and also addictive.. before you know it you'll have scrolled through dozens of pages (and then you'll only be 4 days in the future... so much news!!)

Nice post and share! @pandorasbox Thanks!

Upvoted and will resteem!

I also find this one really good as you can just read through it like a continuous news feed by date.

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Great tool thanks for the support:)

It's indeed a very handy tool. i use it regularly

thanks for this new tool ! Indeed, with more than 1450 coins, it's hard to know everything at the same time

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