NEO passes complete code audit by Red4Sec 👍


NEO has just passed a complete code audit by a company called Red4Sec, which means that Red4Sec has deemed the NEO code trustworthy and reliable.


(source: twitter )

Red4Sec is a cybersecurity initiative formed by experts with many years of experience in the Cybersecurity sector. On their website it states that they are experts in ethical Hacking, audits of web and mobile applications, code audits, perimeter security and incident response.

A three month period for testing purposes sounds like a pretty good amount of time, and Red4Sec appear to be a legimate ethical hacking initiative. This is very good news for the NEO blockchain as it enhances trust in the blockchain, which is of course very important when it comes to handling value. By passing this code audit, it means that Red4Sec has critically looked at the code and tried to find bugs or loopholes or other ways to hack or abuse the blockchain, but they have failed to found any problems.

I have not come across many projects that have actively sought code audits for their projects. The fact that the NEO team has done this shows a great deal of professionalism, in my opinion.

I don't dare say this is the reason why NEO has been going up (I believe it is a combination of factors), but it surely adds to it!

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Now, if we could only get Bitfinex to pass such a code audit that would be great.

Exactly what I was thinking!
And especially in the light of that controversy, it's awesome that NEO did do a proper audit!

I always appreciate your Neo and OMG updates. I have never heard of Red4Sec, but its great that Neo is allowed for a third party to verify its security. Great news!

Thanks! I never heard of them either, but it looks to be legit. So yes, great news! I don't know of other projects that have done similar audits, except a handful

yeah I haven't heard of any other project doing that either

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