My Current Crypto-Investment Portfolio - See what coins an intermediary cryptoinvestor is invested in

One of the most asked questions in the cryptocommunity is: What coins should I invest in and which will go up? Because it's impossible to answer this with any kind of certainty you will often encounter vagueness and unwillingness from other people to recommend anything because they are afraid of making the wrong recommendation.

Instead of telling you what to invest in, I will show you what I am invested in and why. You can use this information to make up your own mind.

My main Portfolio:
The investments below are my main investments. The percentages may be off, because price fluctuates constantly, so take them as an approximate.

  • +/-40-50% NEO
    Inititally NEO/Antshares made up 20-25% of my total portfolio, but after it's recent rise it now makes up about half. My reason for investing is, as many, because it has the 'Ethereum of China' going for it, a lot of community as well as real-world support from corporations. When looking at the price of NEO, I look at Ethereum to see it's maximum potential (which would be 25-40 billion USD) in today's market. If we factor in that Ethereum is has first mover advantage, but NEO may conquer 20-25% of the world's population, I feel it is safe/conservative to estimate NEO's worth to be 20-25% of Ethereum at the very least. That indicates about 6-7 billion USD market cap at today's prices, or 10-12 billion USD at peak prices, in today's market. IF you think the crypto market will be twice as big next year, then the potential doubles accordingly. In my mind, NEO still has an easy 3x-5x gain to be had in the next months.
  • +/-20% Stratis
    Stratis has always been my number 2 pick for 'guaranteed' high gains. Initially I invested almost as much into Stratis as I did in NEO, that's how much I believe in it. Stratis is similar to NEO, in that it enables people to use blockchain technology with existing programming languages such as C#. The difference being that Stratis is (probably) ahead of NEO in this regards, as Stratis is already working on a proof-of-concept within the Fish industry (2nd largest traded commodity in the world). Stratis also cooperates with Microsoft; that is huge. Major milestones have been achieved or are nearly done: Tumblebit (anonymous Bitcoin mixing.. very special feature) is one of them. In the future when big banks, accountacy corporations, law firms, governments and all those boring but super rich companies will use blockchain technology, I think they will be choosing to do it via Stratis. Stratis is corporate, like them, and offers structure, reliability and accountability like few other platforms offer. For this reason, I see Stratis becoming bigger in corporate USA/Europe than Ethereum, which will always be more 'fluid' and in development in comparison (and more 'wild west' because of it). Because Stratis is a platform-crypto like ETH or NEO, I apply the same theory to calculate it's future potential as I did with NEO above. STRAT, in my mind, is a multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency which should be worth about 6 billion USD in today's market. This indicates a potential for 5-10x gain within the next 6 months (my own estimate). The timeframe is chosen by me because Stratis is currently in the process of hiring people for their marketing team, and marketing has been shown to be essential to success (see recent rebranding of NEO, upcoming rebranding of Lisk, recent marketingsuccesses by OMG and TenX, etc. Stratis will be next I believe).

  • +/-20% OmiseGo
    I got into OMG when it was a little less than half it's current price. Initially I thought of getting out at the price levels it is at currently, but I feel that the chart still shows very healthy promise. From my own calculations, owning OMG is a very interesting value proposition in terms of future dividends. For this reason I am thinking I will hold on for a while longer. I think in the short-medium term it could still gain value and possibly go from it's current $8 to about $12-16 (these numbers are mostly my gut feeling based on experience in the markts) before levelling out again, indicating a 50-100% gain potential. If you are not yet in OMG, I don't think I would recommend getting in on this now, as the risk/reward ratio is lower than with other investments. There is however a lot of solid fundamentals and backing for this project, so I definitely think this could go places in the long run.

Smaller positions:
For these crypto's below I hold much smaller positions, between 2-8% of my portfolio. You will notice that some of projects are of a different nature than the projects listed below. I consider the growth potential of 'platform' cryptos to be much bigger than use-case-specific crypto's. A decentralized cloud storage crypto will never be as big as something like Ethereum itself, for example. It's a matter of scale and depth. I do think many of the projects below are very interesting and will give good gains, but probably not as much as the ones above and I'll probably have to wait longer on a few of them. The list of smaller investments is from biggest to smallest.

  • Bitcoin
    I actually hold very little Bitcoin momentarily, only about 5-8%. This is not an investment per se, but this is my back-up-investment money which is to be used when I spot an excellent buying opportunity. For example, I was able to easily and quickly jump onboard OMG and TenX (which I later sold) the moment I discovered them, because I had funds in Bitcoin ready to put in there. Some people keep USDT on their account for this reason, but I don't. I believe Bitcoin will be worth much more in the future, so it makes more sense to me to accummulate Bitcoin, and not USD/USDT.

  • IOTA
    IOTA is not a small project at all. I only invested a small amount in this a while ago, because I had hoped it would fly under the radar for longer. I thought existing crypto's would steal the show first, and I would be able to make gains in those before switching my funds to IOTA. Alas, it already grew a lot (unfortunately for me!). I think the potential of IOTA is as high as Ethereum, conservatively (it could one day outperform Ethereum). Unfortunately the market cap is already $2.5 billion, so while there are still massive gains to be had, a lot of it has been made already. It may be overpriced currently for the short term, but in the long term it seems like a very interesting one. Because it is a theoretical project, I am not sure it's current market valuation deserves to be above something like NEO. If they succeed, however, IOTA should be able to bring you 10x gains at least over time (a year, maybe more).

  • LBRY
    LBRY is a blockchain version of Netflix. It allows content makers to publish their content and sell it directly to the public without intermediaries. LBRY has a working Beta which you can try out today. I actually hold a slightly larger position than I wanted, because I was swing trading in this market (it has huge and frequent 20% swings) and was left holding the bag (and I refuse to sell at a loss). Still, I am not too worried. At a market cap of only $25 million dollars, this crypto can easily double, triple or quadruple, even without mass adoption. It does make me worried that there are competitors, with varying other business models, which makes it hard to predict which model will be victorious.

    Yes! STEEM! I am not 100% sold to be honest. Even with my knowledge of cryptocurrency and the value of crypto, STEEM remains a bit of a grey area. For some cryptos it is easy to pinpoint or even calculate the value, but STEEM is a little different. On the flipside, this is precisely why it is exciting. And it is also why there are already 300K users. The concept of social media, just like any other place, except you get paid, seems so attractive that I can see millions jumping onboard. Wether the value of STEEM can be maintained in such a situation remains to be seen, but I certainly want to see where this is going, so to keep track I put a couple % into STEEM. I already made quite a loss on it since I invested, but again, I just refuse to sell at a loss. I'll be holding this for a long time. The potential of STEEM is very hard to gauge, however considering the size of other crypto's and the current market (and because it has been overlooked lately), I feel it is safe to say that STEEM may grow 3-4x in the next 6 months if it continues to be adopted and improved. Real, parabolic and godzilla-like growth is possible if it ever truly rivals Facebook, but this will take several years before it is possible.

  • Bitcoin Cash
    Got some for free. Thought about selling, but it was not worth all that much since I didn't hold much Bitcoin. So why bother, just HODL and see where this goes. Who knows where this Bitcoin infighting battle will go. It's free money, so if it tanks I didn't really lose anything I didn't have to begin with. I also feel much less stressed I imagine than some people who have to ask themselves daily of wether their Bitcoin will make it or not. Take note.. If I hadn't gotten BCH for free, I would not be putting money into it but rather stay away from it. Too much risk.

  • Ripple/XRP
    Yes, I do own a tiny bit of XRP. Not sure why, to be honest. Initially I thought it had potential, but as my knowledge grew I switched to other crypto's. I suppose the main reason I hold XRP is nostalgia to my early investment days. Sometimes owning a certain crypto is motivated more by a drive to 'collect' them, rather than to optimize earnings. I see Ripple growing, for sure, but I am not sure it will be able to keep up with some other, faster, growing crypto's.

  • Basic Attention Token
    Very interesting project! You can try the Brave browser already (people say it's great), and it is designed by the guy who made Firefox. These are good signs indeed. I also love the concept of earning crypto from ads as I surf the web: sounds like something I might want to use!
    I am also very skeptical though. Many different business models are being experimented with relating to ad revenue being paid out to the viewer/creator directly. What sticks in my mind, is the early days of the internet, when I had a piece of software installed that would pay me in fiat money for watching ads. For a time, the getting was good and it did pay out if you reached a certain amount of money. What bothers me, is that 100% of these projects died out and faded away. Perhaps they were too early to be adopted, or perhaps they were too bothersome and crypto will make everything different. I'm not sure. For this reason, I only put a small percentage in this project. Personally, I will be giving the browser/plugin a go when it's finished.

  • Siacoin
    Got this a while ago because many Youtubers were convinced it was a great investment. I think it's an interesting project to say the least. However, there are competing crypto's that do basically the same. Which one is going to come out on top is, once again, very uncertain. For this reason I don't feel comfortable investing too much into Siacoin, because it may be the wrong choice. In fact, I kind of regret putting money in it. But, again, I refuse to sell at a loss anymore, and the amount I put in was very low, so I don't really care and will be holding on.

  • EOS
    Potential Ethereum killer like IOTA. Has the potential to bring you a lot of gains because it is a platform to build on. However, EOS is different. Current market cap is not representative of EOS, because the ICO will still last 8 months and this means there are still a LOT of coins going to enter the market. I read a while ago that somebody calculated the market cap of EOS if the price remains the same, and it was about 6 billion USD. That is a very high valuation for a theoretical and unfinished product. I am not certain it will be able to keep it's price level for the next months, and for this reason I have only put a small amount into EOS. If the market cap is 6 billion, and it were to grow to the size of Ethereum, then that indicates 'only' a 4x gain. Long term, if they make their promises come true (and STEEM doesn't tank), I am very bullish on EOS. After a few months of making gains in other markets, and if the price looks good, I may take my profits and put them into EOS (and IOTA) eventually.

  • Golem
    Interesting project. Didn't really get this because it was 'my thing', but rather because the graph showed it was a nice time to buy. I only invested a small amount, because as stated it's not my thing and I have limited knowledge on the markets Golem aims at. Their roadmap is also many years long, which means it may take a long time for Golem to skyrocket. But I hate to miss out on good projects, so I put some money in so I am forced to keep my eyes on it.

  • GAS
    Free, from my NEO, yay!

This concludes my list of my current portfolio. Please don't take this as financial advice, always do your research and make up your mind. It is a good idea to spread your investment over multiple projects, like I did above, to mitigate your risk and increase your chances of winning.

I hope this list may provide some people with some additional help in choosing their own portfolio. Always check out what other people are investing in too, don't just rely on my opinion alone!

Do you like this portfolio? Do you have any questions, or recommendations? Do you think I made wrong decisions? I welcome any kind of discussion in the comments below and I will gladly explain my motivations further!

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Seems nice but I don't like ICO investment, I prefer mining and I hold my coin .
It's just like if you are a gold investors you should go for bitcoin or ethereum, if you want to invest in companies you can go to ICO.

Few of the ones mentioned above are in the ICO stage though. Only EOS? All the other ones are out of ICO stage.
I used to mine from home with my home-built miner in 2013/2014, and agree it's pretty cool to mine as opposed to buy. However, energy costs and hardware breaking down made it so I couldn't compete unless I mined at a loss in the hopes of making gains from future price growth. Nowadays there is cloud mining alternatives, but as far as I can tell it takes quite a while to get a good ROI and as always, mining difficulties adjust and create variables that I don't like. With mining I feel like if you put in $1000 it will take you a while to earn $1200, but with trading you can put in $1000 and turn it into $1200 next week if you're smart.

I think Bitcoin is like gold yes, but Ethereum is more like oil/fuel. I think the term crypto_currency_ is misleading because only the first generation blockchains like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. are intended to be used as a kind of currency. Second generation, like Ethereum, is more like a platform than a currency, and third generation blockchains (DAPPs) are indeed like owning shares of a business (or infrastructure).

I like that though. Can't wait until fourth generation, or maybe the governance-crypto's are the fourth generation already.

Thanks a lot, i really liked you reply even more than the original post. and i liked your portray on ethereum as its just like oil and then com a second advance product from oil :)
Please keep one the good work and thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.

Sounds like a nice portfolio makeup! What's the main exchange your using?

I mostly use Bittrex, but for EOS and IOTA I use Bitfinex!

I am waiting on more/better decentralized exchanges. Once those hit the market and they have proven themselves I will be switching there for security.

Thank you for taking the time to share your portfolio! Coincidently, I was about to open a position in NEO [wish I had done it earlier, but spent my time hohumming/watching the price slowly creep away...] and I have a question concerning gas:

Will the exchange hold onto the generated gas for you or would you need to hold the neo within antshare's/neo's own wallet?

Only Binance pays you the GAS, pretty much all other exchanges don't pay out GAS.

Best solution is to just put your NEO into a private wallet on your desktop (use the NEON wallet) and collect gas in that.

Roger that. Thanks!

btc does make your portfolio good, with what i see you seemed to be smart in choosing those coins and tokens. but what if you have one million dollars for investments would you still choose those?