List of NEO upcoming ICO's - Despite disappointing news, this is still quite impressive 👍

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We all expected something 'more' from the NEO news, it's true. But don't let the disappointment overshadow the great strides NEO has been making this past week or two in terms of announcements and upcoming ICO's. I've made a list to summarize everything upcoming on the NEO blockchain, or related to it.


Digital identity verification, data exchange and trust cooperation scenarios. Either built on top of NEO or as a related project by OnChain.


Community driven City of Zion project for a Decentralized NEON Exchange (NEX) based on the NEO blockchain, but will have it's own NEP-5 token.


A "dynamic multi-dimensional identification technology based on block chain". From what I can tell, it's another decentralized identification verification platform, built on the NEO blockchain.


A turn-key ICO solution that was originally on Ethereum but now moved to NEO's blockchain. ProjectICO introduces a new 'type' of ICO called SAFT, which may make it a possibility for US and Chinese citizens to participate in ICO's (again). Don't hold me to that, but it could be big.


A Decentralized mobile phone and data network on the NEO blockchain will let anyone in the world get their custom mobile phone and dataplan subscription that is connected to the blockchain.



A Decentralized Exchange (DEX) project on the NEO blockchain. ICO will take place soon.


A NEO based ICO that is a project to create an open source network of medical information and resources that rewards it's contributors.


A NEO based ICO project that has something to do with AI (website is in Chinese and won't load fully for me, not much info is known yet).

And finally..

And of course the last news of the Microsoft Developer competition that will run for the coming months, and the recently finished NEO dApp competition that has had almost 20 finalized entries.

All in all, despite that we expected bigger news to come out of NEO yesterday, this still is an impressive list of accomplishments. The NEO ecosystem is taking off at a rapid pace and shows no signs of stopping. NEO's skyrocketing the other day simply proves how ready the market is to jump on this train, when it does take off.

All in all, Khaleesi sees no reason to stop hodling NEO.


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Yea, Totally looking forward to NEO spiking to the moon next year!

I am fully expecting it to!

I have no idea what all of this means, but can appreciate the pretty lady at the end of the post holding a jug of mushy peas - So upvoted for true Yorkshire Pie n Peas reference - Steem on!

Mushy Peas? Pretty lady? Oh my, sounds like somebody hasn't been watching Game of Thrones! Shame on you! That is not just anybody, that's Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons !!

Or, as I like to call her, Mother of Crypto

You can call her what you like, to me she is still Betty from Holmfirth offering up a delicious jug of mushy peas, to go with a nice toasty pork pie and some mint sauce. pieandpeas.jpg!

Great info on NEO. HODL away. 2018 is looking pretty darn bright. This should be a core holding in everyone's portfolio.

It is THE core holding in mine!

Nice post! Thanks for putting this together. Really good to look at the list with the short descriptions.

I'm holding Civic at the moment and think it's got a lot of first mover advantage, but TheKey and Ontology will be getting a good bit of attention over the next few weeks.

You're welcome!
And yes there are a lot of projects doing digital identity solutions now. Stratis has a digital identity module too. Civic may be the most known, but I think digital identity will be decentralized too... ie we will be using several solutions and they'll be existing side-by-side (perhaps even 'talking' to eachother?)

I just never understand the value proposition of digital identity tokens and how it's going to make me money to hodl them.

Digital ID is the digital you. What you do, where you go, where you eat, sleep drink, how much you spend, with who, on what, time of day you spend, dmethod of spending, debit,credit card, app, bank transfers, what you like, who you speak to, when you speak, when you fart.........
All this valuable personal data we give away for free to google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, App Store, play store....
THEY make $Trillions off us, for free ( wtf).
So we can take back our ID (freedom), and we decide how much money we want to make from our ID data. About ($30 per month per person).
Thanks, I will take $15 per month for selling some of my non- sensitive data, and the remaining $15 I don’t take, to give me a comfortable layer of privacy , ad free life.
That’s the deal of decentralisation, and that’s where you will make returns on your investment.

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Great post! Nice compilation of all projects related to NEO. To the moon...

Good.. any latest good ico on neo?

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True, very true.. keep hodling Neo, it is going to moon

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