Everything is at the same satoshi value as before the May altcoin explosion, even ETH

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I noticed something peculiar about the graphs for altcoins compared to Bitcoin and I think it may be indicative of what the future may hold. Everything is currently at more or less the exact same satoshi value as from before the last time the altcoins boomed.

This year's cryptocurrency rally really started sometime in this spring when several crypto's really started taking off. We had Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum exploding signicantly making people very rich. This altcoin explosion was triggered by Bitcoin's initial rise out of the slump of course and it made many altcoins moon. But did they really? Because looking at the charts now, it seems we are at exactly the same satoshi value for everything as we were before the rise of the altcoins (some slightly lower).

Take a look at these graphs:


Ethereum went from $50 to $450 but still turns out to be the same sat value more or less as before the rise.


Same with Litecoin.


Ripple's meteoric rise earlier this year was celebrated, but it's back to where it was.


Stratis boomed significantly too, and even with the recent gains we are back to where we were in satoshi value as if none of it ever happened.


Our beloved STEEM shows this same pattern too


Even NEO, which exploded during the summer and had many people 'looking for the next NEO' turns out to be back to where it was before the explosion.

There are some exceptions, but only few and far in between. Dash looks a little different, but still it's not too far off either:


What I am trying to get at with these graphs is the concept that these altcoin explosions were caused by Bitcoin's rising price. That money flows into altcoins as we know, but as we can also see it flowed into altcoins on a very specific timeframe this year.

My idea is that if one ETH is X amount of percent worth of a Bitcoin back in May/June, should it not be X amount of percent worth of a Bitcoin today? After all, no fundamentals changed really. I am still holding on to my alts very strongly. I can't shake this feeling we're going to see the money being redistributed among all crypto's very soon, bringing BTC ratio prices back to previous highs.

If nothing else, it's another straw I can grasp at while holding on to my Alt portfolio. I know it's hurting, but if we truly do correct and redistribute then it will be glorious.

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good point !

Dayum, that's a good analysis and really great you noticed that. Wouldn't have figured that out myself. Really many thanks for this and I'm gonna check it out myself. Perhaps find some other patterns as well!

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I've doubled my investment since August. Mostly exclusively with alts. Taking any Bitcoin profits any paying low. Vertcoin has given me a good month.

Your post reflects exactly what many of us think about... I think we all are waiting for this transfer from BTC to altcoins and hopefully it will come soon...
One thing is clear for me, we should not compare the price of an altcoin versus the USD or EUR, we have to do the comparison always against bitcoin since if we would invested only in BITCOIN we would get better profits now...
Anyway, I have the firm conviction that BITCOIN will be overpassed in capitalisation (but surely not in price) by any other more useful altcoin in order to be used as a daily basis

Hi @pandorasbox This reminds me of the speculation that went on in silver markets during the era of the Bunker Hunts trying to corner the silver market. That didn't go well for them. It was the same thing then - there was a "fixed" ratio between gold and silver prices and when that deviated there was a buy or sell opportunity for silver. It may well be similar in cryptocurrencies. Perhaps market capitalisation mirrors the gold/silver tonnes.


BTC is king and everything else is just shitcoins.


MySpace is king and everything else is just shit.


Haha, you're funny