Da Hongfei of NEO invited to blockchain conference held by Chinese Government

News and a picture have surfaced of Da Hongfei of NEO at a conference held by the Chinese Government on Blockchain technology.

The source of this news is from the Chinese news websites 8btc.com and c114.net which are both written in Chinese.

A friendly user on Reddit translated some key points:

  • The name of the event translates to "2017 Trustworthy Blockchain convention". Trustworthy seems to be a recurring theme.
  • The convention signifies the start of the Trustworthy Blockchain Alliance, where their goal is to promote real life application of blockchain, development and promote self-regulation.
  • Reiterating how blockchain must be incorporated into the future economy and how to go from abstract ideas to concrete applications.
  • A detailed plan from China was presented on how to standardise a trustworthy blockchain

Notable people present include representatives from Hyperledger, Microsoft Asia, Da and others.

It seems like China is moving quicker than we thought in standardizing and regulating the blockchain market. Does this mean NEO is on the right path for the Chinese government? I think so! NEO being part of this conference is a good thing, in any case!


Nice info! :)

NEO is going to be the same story as ETH was back in December last year. When it hit $6 no one thought it would get to $100 anytime soon. NEO has the same core fundamentals in adoption, key partnerships and superior tech that will lead the rise to a $400 coin over the next 1-2 years. Its only the beginning stages of smart assets and NEO is on the leading edge.

Let's hope so. I want to see $30 again soon.

$30? More like $50! I feel like if China's ICO craze hadn't happened we would have breached $60 by now!

I need at least $30 to get back to even. I sold some at $50, and bought back in at $28.

I have high hopes that we will be getting there! I hope that after the Chinese elections next month, things will settle down in China for the better

Good info! It seems NEO has been close with the Chinese government all along. NEO also seems to understand the position of the governments latest moves as well. I believe this is a good confirmation that the relationship is continuing.

Most definitely! $NEO was the very first ever, fully refundable ICO. Who does that? I'll tell you who - a Chinese founder that knows in advance that China is going to come down with regulations, and the first order of business was that any ICO must refund the money to Chinese citizens. $NEO refunded 50 BTC worth, and is 100% compliant with the Chinese govt, rules-laws and future regulation. The future is tremendously bright for $NEO. I think the govt is going to make it THE blockchain for all new tech in the sector.

I hear people talk about $30, $60 as prices for $NEO, how about $325. It has nearly 1/2 the coins in circ than Ethereum does and is a more robust tech overall.

In my opinion (won't buy you a cup of coffee) this is a $350 coin all day long. Once the FUD dies down, which will happen as soon as China gets their regulations in place - and $BTC turns consistently bullish, we're going to see an $ETH like 2017 rise for $NEO.

Disclaimer: I can't stop buying the coin. I buy nearly every single dip and don't have an ounce of fear when it falls because of the reasons i stated above.

Well said. I don't make price predictions but I like the way you think. Definatly HODLing NEO. Upvoted:Following.

What I like is the Gas, which pays at a little over 7% pa on Neo holdings. Because ownership is anonymous, so long as Neo keeps operating, and I think it will, that 7% is paid out regardless of where a person lives. All that is required is the wallet, secured with a key. I, too, would like to buy more. To me, Neo seems more like a security or a share in a company than a token currency coin. Its value will be determined by its uptake, as witnessed by the transactions and the quality, popularity and application of its platform. By refunding BTC, Da Hongfei has established his intent and helped to allay fear. I think Neo is a good coin to hold for the future. Neo to the moon. If Neo is successful, then it will also pave the way for other similar coins that demonstrate an accessible platform and a return to investor. I can think of other coins with similar functionality and application. Neo is establishing market brand and trust.

Yes, I think these are good signs indeed!

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Yeeeehaw, we all be going Sizzlers!

Very good blog. Interesting to see I'm not the only one that is thinking about this. I strongly advice people to only buy in to cryptos that have a solid background: A solid team, product, advisors, preferably VC investors, etc. Sell all cryptos that don't have this solid background. It's a waiste of money. I was wondering if anyone of you uses: https://www.coincheckup.com This site is really helpful in my coin research. I don't know any other sites with so much indepth analysis. Check for example: https://www.coincheckup.com/coins/Neo#analysis For a complete Neo Detailed report.

What I think is NEO certainly has the future along Chinese govt. but the main point is when will be the news out regarding their close cooperation with Govt.? Which i highly suspect to be a month or two months from now.

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This follows previous government action favoring local industry players. The best way to push out the competition is to have the government ban them. :)

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