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London-based ARAW is hoping that its project is going to be the next decentralized e-commerce and payments platform to capture the loyalty of consumers and businesses alike.

The blockchain startup, which is built on the Ethereum network, is off to a running start, as it has already inked industry partnerships, most recently the decentralized application and smart contract-fueled Credits startup.

About Araw

In the world of electronic Commerce now a lot of innovations, but ARAW will add several handy features such as a payment with one touch of a button, micro-transactions, transparency, which allows you to quickly and efficiently grow any system of attracting token system to pay for purchases, as well as on the platform will be a unified system of remuneration.

ARAW solves several problems of the cryptocurrency market. The platform allows you to accept online payments with just one click. Projects ARAW TOUCH together with PAY CARD allow micropayments. In addition, developers are using the latest technologies and innovations to create a transparent ecosystem to increase the level of trust and honesty to the platform.

Detail ICO

Token: ARAW.

Platform: ERC-20.

Token price: 1 ARAW = 0.01 USD.

Soft Cap – 2,000,000 USD.

Hard Cap – 25,000,000 USD.


The platform will have its own widget that can be used for payment on any website. Also, the advantage of the platform will be such a thing as” CashBack”, thanks to which, again, you will be able to save and get benefits. The platform develops the simplest interface that will be understandable to any user. The platform will have good customer support to make sure that each user is satisfied with the service and has achieved its goal when purchasing and servicing this platform. Also on the platform will provide specialized assistance for easy implementation of their widget on any company.

The company has the following goals: to provide complete solutions for e-Commerce, cryptocurrency card for instant payments and a unified system of rewards. Create an ecosystem that will be driven by consumers and make this ecosystem fully transparent.

Token information

ARAW is an ERC20 token that fuels the ARAW ecosystem across the e-commerce and payments industry. The token will be issued in an upcoming ICO, and the number of tokens that will ever be created is capped at 5 billion. The token can also be used as a rewards mechanism by retailers for their customers. ARAW boasts a token-fueled rewards platform for which there is an open API.

Platform tokens will be used for many purposes on the platform. A total of 5 billion tokens are issued, 3.5 billion will be available for purchase by the community. To purchase the tokens necessary to undergo the procedure “know your client”. The presale started on the 1st of July. The minimum required to launch the project is $ 2 million, the maximum for a quick launch is $ 25 million. 1 token costs 1 cent.

Team Araw

The creation of this unique platform involved experienced professionals. They have worked on similar sites and have behind their shoulders working products. Below are the specialists who are engaged in the development.

ARAW is a new decentralized platform for making payments in e-Commerce via cryptocurrency. It will provide solutions for the sale of goods online, the issuance of “Touch and Pay” card, which will be similar to a Bank card, but with the use of cryptocurrency, as well as the platform will have a single reward system, which is supported by the Ethereum blockchain.

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