Remember When Ether Was $616? ColorChallenge: FridaySkyBlue

in cryptocurrency •  10 months ago

So I figured rather than following the crowd and posting some random sky picture for Color Challenge Friday (SkyBlue), I'd put in the kind of blue screen a lot of us would love to remember: Crypto when it was at bargain prices.

cheap ether.JPG

Not only do I remember $616, I remember $2.30! In fact, when I first heard about Ether it was at $.10, but I didn't understand what crypto was yet, so I passed.

Here's hoping YOU'RE on the crypto train in more ways than just Steem. This is going to be a hell of a ride: Wild, wooly, and in the end, probably pretty damn profitable.

Rock on crypto Steemians! Oh, and colorchallenge it up, yo!

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Color event

Me going into alts while mainstream consumers get into bitcoin, a lesser currency.

Note: Not technically OC, photo hopped from Reddit. But felt it worked here :)



Hey, that's most of us going into crypto while our [insert 99% of people you meet] tells us that it's a ponzi scheme. :)