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Hawala.Today (HAT)

Based in Dallas, USA


The Hawala.Today Exchange is a P2P crypto-fiat currency exchange platform that allows for near instant and secure exchanges without any geo restrictions.

The aim of hawala is to create a net work of traders who interact amongst each other, trade in crypto and fiat currencies and share the profit/rewards between them


The Hawala wallet is ERC-20 compliant and offers a wide range of options. It includes management of token wallets, local bank account/credit cards and staking. Staked HAT tokens drive the Incentive for Stake (IFS) model which rewards proportionately to the amount staked.

hat stake.jpg
The graph depicts the increase of token supply over a period of 10 years, until the 7 million cap is reached. Source

Their current competitors are Coinbase and Localbitcoins.


Q1 2018

  • Alpha mobile wallet release on iOS and Androis

Q2 2018

  • Identity & security platform integration
  • KYC Implementation
  • Alpha / Beta testing of Hawala Exchange
  • BTC / ETH Wallet Integration

Q3 2018

  • Hawala Exchange goes live
  • ERC-20 token implementation
  • Testing for AMS platform
  • Fiat Integration

Q4 2018

  • AMS beta platform live

For information:
Office Website:
White paper:

I'm an investor who are showing what I self investing in. Do your own research before making any investment decisions


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