EOS like crowdsale on STEEM

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Steem should enter into the market of ICO. All tools in place, all that's needed is a little work of counting votes.

For example, we distributing coin X.

  1. ICO will be run for 100 days.
  2. Each day 1000 of coin X will be distributed.
  3. Each day we make a post dedicated for ICO purposes.
  4. Participants vote for the post.
  5. After 24 hours of post existence snapshot of votes will take place.
  6. Coin share of participant dependant on vote weight for this post. Vote weight is dependant on STEEM POWER.
  7. After ICO ends. Coin X will be created on Bitshares or Ethereum platform and distributed based votes weight to each participant of ICO.

ICO like this will be suited for small niche coins. There is no barrier of paying directly to ICO account. People will be voting freely and risk will be minimal for them, so we can expect a lot of participants. Which is good for creating a vibrant community at the very beginning.

STEEM will benefit too. To get a greater share participants will need to acquire more STEEM POWER which will impact price positively.


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That sounds like a good plan. But voting on articles should be fair then.

i hope i could participate. . all of us can right?


Of course. But this is just an idea

Because vote weight is the best metric for ICO investment.