Unique Value Proposition: Strategic Buy Pressure and Hyperdeflation

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OptiToken’s trademark strategies of Buy Pressure and Strategic Scarcity can create perfect conditions for price appreciation.  As our algorithm trades automatically between the basket of tokens, a  portion of the profits created will be used to buy OptiToken on the market, thus providing upward price pressure. Afterwards, the tokens  will be sent to an unspendable address and be destroyed, creating  scarcity and further increasing value. Above is a graphic representation of how price action would work once OptiToken is being traded openly on an exchange.  The effect of this strategy is to nurture a market that has very strong  buy support. It also solves an extremely common problem of new ICO’s,  that hit exchanges and cannot find any volume. Not only does OptiToken  solve this, but uses tokenization in a innovative new way to create a cryptocurrency that has the potential to appreciate, or offer support,  in price even in bear markets.

Our  test portfolio, that uses the strategies that will be adopted by the  algorithm, has been consistently outpacing bitcoin by 40 to 100% since  November. You can view the movements live and transparently on our  website. Given that the portfolio’s value can increase even in bear markets like the last one, OptiToken’s price on exchanges can grow even when most coins are in the red. This in turn can create serious organic  marketing in the form of FOMO, as foreign buyers jump on the the trend  of spikes in price.

An ICO will be used to buy the initial underlying currencies and will be immediately put to work trading.

For regular updates, promos and other offers follow us on

Optitoken is the first algorithmically traded, hyperdeflationary  currency, that derives its value from a carefully curated token basket.  Profits from the automatic trading of the portfolio are used to  regularly buy Optitoken on exchanges, creating buy pressure and volatile  price action. These tokens are then destroyed, creating further value. Our ICO is open to buy the initial token basket. You can learn more  about the project here at https://OptiToken.io and on Reddit at Reddit.com/r/OptiToken


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