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The Covid's are forcing us to organize and define priorities like never before. In my case, it seems like every couple months I have to switch tactics and be ready to flow with new obstacles.

2021 started off with a bang of optimism! Did you feel it in your country? Or, are you still pretty much locked down?

Here, people were putting their best foot forward and speculation was soaring. New businesses opened. Products received makeovers. Everyone put on new clothes and put their best foot forward. Then February hit. Rumors of lockdown came. March was slow. And now coming into April parts of Colombia like Medellin, Bogota and Manizales, are being locked down again.

Feels like May is going to hit with another wave of people giving it all they've got as more wake up to the fact that this is all a giant public relations trick. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Riding the Crypto-waves

Meanwhile, in the Cryptoworld, it has been a wild rollercoaster ride...up! Where I was quite deflated about my Steemit losses going into the end of last year, suddenly things have been wild. Which according to many believable economic experts, who back up their truths with in-your-face evidence, is great news for cryptocurrencies everywhere!

My own crypto value has increased. I'm excited about it. Not enough to brag about, but at least triple what I had in value at the beginning of this year. The future is bright for long-established original and high quality writers here on Steemit.

Meanwhile, in the matrix video game (as per Jeff Berwick:, the infallible US dollar continues to inflate as the sizes and quantities of our favorite foods continue to deflate. Yet, the average player in the matrix is still asleep as they rush through the rat race of their lives trying to earn as many dollars as possible while avoiding any real physical engagement or emotional depth.

By the way, Pirate Coin (ARR) is being talked about voraciously on the street. Enough that I am currently in the process of dipping my toe in that pond.

Starting a New Business in Times of COVID in Colombia

Needless to say, I fought to get oriented and find a new opportunity. And, I am starting a new entrepreneurship activity, while keeping all my valuable balls in the air. It revolves around being able to sell my photos as postcards, studio prints, and experiences that transport participants to the place where it was taken. Even if your borders are closed, I will be able to print and have my photography sent to almost anywhere.

  • If you can't go to Colombia, I will bring Colombia to you!

It's a brave new world for starting a business though. Everything is a risk. You could earn big, or lose everything. Definitely a great time to start investing in crypto, or create that "Go Fund Me" which you always dreamed about. Or, as I am already doing - BOTH!

Essentially, I want to start a photo gallery for people who live/work/travel here in Colombia. The idea is to create a museum-quality experience that creates an entire experience of sound, smell, sensation and emotions - while displaying nicely printed and mounted photos.

Even if you can't afford to buy more than a postcard print, I want my visitors to come away from the experience feeling relaxed, inspired or even energized to get out and travel the Colombian Coffee Axis.

Back to the Go Fund Me...

This is the campaign which I just started, to buy a building, fix it up, and open the 4D Gallery Experience, and even a little teaching salon where I can hold workshops related to photography and travel.

Is there a Go Fund Me for crypto's? Would love to accept Monero, Pirate Coin, and Bitcoin donations!

If you have had experience in crowd funding, would love to hear your experience and advice. Please comment.

Current Covid Political Situation in Colombia

Big cities like Bogota, Cartagena, and Medellin have been really strict. The crazy ones like Cali, and Pereira have mostly stayed open. Pueblos are the most relaxed, but can vary according to political party. The Green Party (Partido Verde), which is the party of the Bogota mayor, Claudia Lopez, has been the most adamant about following protocols and lockdowns.

Not surprisingly, centrist and conservative mayors have fought to keep their cities/pueblos open.

In bigger cities more masks, in pueblos, very little.

Handwashing optional. If they insist, I insist on going to the bathroom and washing like a normal human being.

As of today, 3 million Colombians have been vaccinated. Side effect reports are coming in informally on places like Facebook, but that information has been repressed by the presstitues and local government organizations.

Date: April 11th, 2021 Translated: I think the second dose of the vaccine is going to terminate me, I feel sick!

If you agree with it, I am not going to argue with you - go ahead and get it.

Circling Back Around

With no end in sight, life continues on the Covid rollercoaster. People are getting the jab while others are having heart attacks - yet, no one ever get's the flu any longer.

There is no better, or worse time to start a new gig. In fact, as we all stare down the barrel of what the future has in store for us, all we can do is fight for our futures with everything we've got!

I am working intermittently with my journalism projects and English teaching, but all my attention is also going into Starting a New Business in Times of COVID. To learn more, or contribute to my startup, click the following link:

What new business ideas are you putting into motion in times of Coronavirus?

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