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When it comes to anonymity, we have to talk about privacy. Privacy and anonymity are two concepts. Privacy means that the interests of an individual's personality are not illegally abused or infringed, while anonymity is an act of not being named or using a pseudonym, as opposed to a behavior with a true identity. The purpose of anonymity is not to reveal your identity, or the identity/characteristic is unknown for a variety of reasons. Anonymity can be a means of protecting privacy, but for the Internet, not all.

The birth of the Internet has greatly accelerated the speed of information transmission. At the same time, users are generating more and more data, and Internet companies also have a large amount of user data. However, data leakage is a common occurrence. For individuals, I use Internet products, and the company does not protect my data very well. The data leakage caused by the company has caused great trouble to the individual and even directly caused the loss of property. In May 2018, the European Union introduced the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which emphasized the power statement of personal data. Well-known foreign products support users to permanently cancel accounts, and even download personally generated data. However, in a certain country, the nationals have no privacy, and even have no right to choose. In order to complete the evil KPI, they sacrifice the user experience and even violate relevant regulations.

There are many best practices for how to protect personal privacy in the Internet world. However, for the vast majority of people, there is no such knowledge reserve. More critically, many people do not have a sense of privacy protection. A big reason is that the cost of obtaining objective information is quite high. The topic here is slightly sensitive and will not be expanded here.

Privacy is one thing, and there are many scenarios that need to be anonymous. Anonymous scenarios, such as those mentioned in the SERO white paper:

A company wants to protect supply chain information that is not known to competitors;

The individual does not want to be informed by the public that she is paying a fee for consulting a bankruptcy lawyer or divorce lawyer;

A wealthy person who does not want potential criminals to understand their whereabouts and to try to extort their wealth;

Buyers and sellers of different commodities want to avoid transactions being cut off by intermediaries between them;

Financial entities of investment banks, hedge funds and other types of trading financial instruments (securities, bonds, derivatives), if others can figure out their positions or trading intentions, then the exposure of such information will Trade performers are at a disadvantage, affecting their ability to make a profit.

Ok, explain privacy and anonymity, and why we need to be anonymous, and then officially introduce SERO.

SERO (Super Zero) is the world's first blockchain system with non-interactive zero-knowledge proof (NIZK) to truly implement privacy protection with Turing-complete smart contracts, and existing blockchain privacy protection. Compared with technology, SERO can not only protect the privacy of account information and transaction information, but also realize the privacy protection of Turing's complete smart contract input and output. In addition, developers can also send smart contracts based on SERO-Chain. Anonymous digital assets (Token), and communication information with smart contracts are also protected by privacy.

Bitcoin is a de-intermediary book that is available to everyone and can be queried for every transaction. Although Bitcoin does not use KYC, it can use technical means to trace the source of the user. Anonymous payment solutions, currently more mature are Zcash, Monero and Dash, interested can go to understand, not to repeat here. However, SERO has smart contracts and programming capabilities compared to the above three anonymous currencies. It can issue new anonymous assets (in addition to Token, it can also issue Tickets and Packages), and develop DApps in the SERO public chain. If Zcash, Monero, and Dash are 1.0 of the anonymous currency, then SERO is undoubtedly 2.0 of the anonymous currency world. It is easier to understand that SERO is an anonymous currency of Ethereum. According to the author's understanding of the blockchain, the blockchain system of anonymous currency + smart contract has been realized.


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