Cheapest Steem/SBD to Philippine Peso conversion so far? Php 17 Only

in cryptocurrency •  3 months ago

In this time of writing, the value of Ripple (XRP) is equal to 17 Philippine Pesos and the Steem/SBD withdrawal fee is just 1 XRP in Bittrex (My recommended crypto-exchange platform). And so i tried to pull-out at least 4 STEEM from my bittrex account to test if fully supports Ripple.


Its good to know that i'm able to withdraw excess amount of funds that is almost similar to BTC or ETH transaction fees. In the past few months i was paying about 200 pesos worth of BTC in a single transaction or more before.


For non users who lives in PH

Go to wallet or download the app in your Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for iOS) to create your Peso wallet and put my referral code upon registration to get P50 for free!

My referral code is: "xiwxwy" (remove the quotation marks)

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I have not experienced withdrawing SBD here yet.
So your post is helpful.
I might use this someday.


Hi @iridion9 If you live in PH then you should prepare the following to withdraw your SBD

  1. Steemit wallet (already have one)
  2. Bittrex/Poloniex crypto-exchange platform account to convert your Steem or SBD to XRP
  3. wallet account to convert your XRP to Philippine fiat

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