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Why I've powered down: Response to @midlet on state of development on STEEM

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So much FUD in this post, I almost don't even believe it!

there is very little utility in the design of any app on this blockchain, so why would there be any users? I liked your analogy of comparing steem to reddit with only one subreddit.

This makes no sense and the analogy is even worse. "There is very little utility in the design of any app on this blockchain", really? Oh, so I guess @steemmonsters doesn't allow me to play. I guess @dpoll doesn't allow me to ask questions and vote on others. LITERALLY STEEM ITSELF IS BASED ON ACTUAL UTILITY OF BLOGGING!

I spent the better part of two years building close to 1000 followers on steem. Even so, i bet I won't get more than 5 views on this post.

Who cares about your following? That's irrelevant. Write good articles, and people will come back to read more. I've come across literally dozens of bloggers on here in my short amount of time who regularly get 20+ returning readers & comments, engaging on each post. Sorry to say, but if you're not getting the numbers you expect, perhaps you should take a look at your content. Or, at the very least, try to promote yourself better. Engage with others, build contacts and friends. Duh.

With no users, developers outside of crypto will never use this clunky system.
Clunky system, as if! Nothing about steem is more or less clunky than literally any other blockchain!

  • Simple usernames doubling as wallet addresses without the need of 20 character long numbers & symbols.
  • Fast transaction times
    If you think steem is clunky, you need to explore the other shit out there!

Speaking of which:

Steem is bad for developers

Developers within the crypto ecosystem have better choices of blockchains.

"Plain and simple there are better options", really? Ok then, enlighten me. Where are these "better options"? I'd love to see them.

Tron? Fully of scammy shitty gambling crap. EOS? If you think steem is "clunky" or "confusing", good luck getting users to understand the concept of renting CPU, RAM, Bandwidth. Fuck that shit. Oh, and have fun mass-adopting people onto a blockchain where usernames HAVE TO BE a certain character length. What complete retard came up with that fucking idea? I want my name to be as long or as short as I want, why are you forcing me to use your defined character length? Fucktards.
Oh, how about ETH? Right, good old Eth? Sure, go ahead and build one semi-popular dapp on eth and watch the whole network shit itself like what happened to crypto-kitties. You have to fuddle around with bullshit complex third party solutions in order to not tank the network.

Steem has problems. Everything in the world has problems. We don't search for problem-free platforms, that's impossible to find. We search for problem-few platforms, and STEEM has the fewest and most manageable problems out there! Seriously, honest request: TELL ME ABOUT A BETTER PLATFORM?

Where is this magical better platform you speak of?

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  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Glad you are so passionate. Bottom line is STEEM as a crypto currency relies on the trust of steem inc because of their disproportional large stake. This is true of the blockchain itself, so the idea of being censor proof is not true, they have the power to literally replace the whole witnesses stack.

Where does the value lie then? midlet has convinced me that there are exciting developments which I need to look into, some of the community has started building their own solutions to these problems and are building their own networks... thats great. This is a solution to my main issues with steem.

As far as better platforms to develop on, or for user experience... yes ETH. There are amazing DeFi apps on eth that work very smoothly and have real world utility Look at maker/dai and an entire ecosystem of apps they are building. Just this one project's ecosystem is quickly growing larger than all of steem combined. There are entertainment apps like who are connecting with real filmmakers and have built a fantastic streaming app that everytime someone buys the film can split payments across 100 investors and the entire crew. Aragon allows you to build businesses and manage finances as a DAO. District0x has started releasing their first Token Curated Registries, and users will be able to build their own like building a website. (steems design for curating content is a TCR). Developers want build where there are working stable coins, on/off ramps for fiat, decentralized exchanges, other merchants actually using the stablecoin or base currency. They want developer tools for building apps and analyzing the blockchain... Steem has some of this but are so often broken when I try them, hardly maintained even by the "active" witnesses who built them.

If steemmonstors is steem's crown jewel then that says a lot by itself, glad you like it though. The point of this post is to shed light onto why there aren't more/better developers building on steem, and the answer is they are busy building in better networks plain and simple. If you are too caught up to explore other platforms and discover why that is your own problem.