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Why I've powered down: Response to @midlet on state of development on STEEM

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Glad you are so passionate

Well, that makes me sound like a dick for how heated i got. I'll cool off for this response.

There are amazing DeFi apps on eth that work very smoothly and have real world utility

Honestly, DeFi apps are not the killer app for blockchain. They are incredibly limited to large enterprises and businesses. Grandma doesn't give a fuck about DeFi apps, she wants communication dapps with her family. Dad doesn't want DeFi, he probably wants to gamble. Highschoolers and DeFi? No. They want games.

District0x has started releasing their first Token Curated Registries

Great. So they are already 3 years behind Steem. Steem-engine, Nitrous, Scot, SoctBB, ScotTUbe, we can already build our own communities with loads more users + experience here rather than there.

Developers want build where there are working stable coins, on/off ramps for fiat, decentralized exchanges, other merchants actually using the stablecoin or base currency

That's all depending on the type of dev. Lots of people will come flocking to Steem when they see the community aspect of us. How do you promote a Tron, Eth, or Eos dapp? Reddit? Good luck with their strict anti-self-promotion bullshit. Twitter? Go get the level of engagement there that you can much more easily get here and then come talk to me.

Having developer tools is important, sure, but having a built in community waiting on your releases acting as a established marketing channel is loads more important to anything.

If steemmonstors is steem's crown jewel then that says a lot by itself

Didn't say it was, just using it as a basic example. Crypto-kitties hopefully isn't Eth's crown jewel, just used that as an example as well. I'm not sure steem has crown jewel yet, but I can't believe that it's not coming soon. Just watch.

the answer is they are busy building in better networks plain and simple

Nope. I manage and speak to tons of developers, and lots of them had dipped their toes into blockchain stuff but fled all together due to complications across various networks and chains. They're not here on steem, because they're not anywhere. Most dapps are build but a pathetically low pool of devs. Compare literally any other market to blockchain development, very easy to see this data. Mobile app, websites, games, even fucking VR and AR has more developers than blockchain. This is an issue not limited to steem at all.

If you are too caught up to explore other platforms and discover why that is your own problem

Not my problem, actually. As I said, I do explore other networks. Constantly. That is why I am so immensely fucking confident in my response to you. I know the data, I know the environment. If I thought there was a better network, I'd fucking be there. There isn't though. Stop promoting a falsehood that doesn't exist, and start helping perfect the closet answer we currently have.

Why abandoned our foundation for another shittier one, just stick around and start putting up the god damn walls.

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