How to use Tradeqwik for exchanging different cryptocurrencies

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Hi Steemians, today I will show you how you can use Tradeqwik in a similar way like Blocktrades, Shapehshift and other sites likes this. Since the VIVA price is always similar and the market is adjusting fastly to the lastest prices, you'll get a much better exchange rate than on sites like Blocktrades.

NOTE: Tradeqwik is still in beta, so bugs may occur. But they won't be fatal.

First you need to register on Tradeqwik. If you're already a customer you can skip the first steps.
To register you go to and fill in your email. You will receive a email with further instructions to register. They are very easy, so I won't demonstrate them here.

After you have succesfully registered you need to login into your account. For that you can click on Log In in the right upper corner or just fill in you email and password in the middle of the screen.

The next step is to deposit the funds you want to change. In our case Steem we will use Steem. Switch to the Manage Funds header and open the STEEM tab.

As you can see you need to send the Steem to the @tradeqwik account and write the shown number (also known as your VIVA ID) into the memo of the transaction.

So if I want to deposit 10 Steem to Tradeqwik I got to my Steem wallet, choose transfer, fill in 'tradeqwik' and your deposit number and of course 10 Steem. Finally I click submit.

After a few minutes the Steem should show up in your Tradeqwik account.

Now we begin with the actual exchanging process.

For that you need to go to the Exchange tab. Now choose the trading pair which features your currency. (In our case it is VIVA/STEEM)

So what you do is you exchange your Steem for VIVA first and then you change the VIVA for Bitcoin. For that you choose the buy side in the VIVA/STEEM pair.
In the amount box you need to write how much VIVA you want to buy. You need to calculate the number of VIVA, since Tradeqwik hasn't now an automatic calculator.
Acutally it's pretty simple:

Amount of Steem / Price of VIVA = Amount of VIVA to buy

The next step is to convert the VIVA into BTC. For that switch to the VIVA/BTC pair.

You want to SELL your VIVA, so you choose the SELL tab. (The step before you have chosen the buy tab)

The final step is to withdrawal your Bitcoins. For that you switch to the Manage Funds and the to the BTC tab.

You now paste your adress into the box and choose the amount of bitcoin to withdraw.

Here you see the only disadvantage. The minimum withdrawal is 0.01 BTC, so you can't withdrawal (very) small amounts of bitcoins.

I hope my tutorial helped you. If you have any questions feel free to ask in them in the comments.

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This is a really nice tutorial! TradeQwik is easy to use, and I have found many profitable trades in the months that I have been there. I invite others to join us!


Thank you!

Looks good. I will give it a whirl. Thanks for sharing


No problem! I'm glad you're trying it.

Do you have information how much cheaper is it?


There's no set number how much. The point is that when you use e.g. Blocktrades, the exchange rate is smaller than the actual market prices, so blocktrades can earn a little money for the service. In Tradeqwik you trade directlly to users so you have the actuall market price.


O. I see. Thanks for answer.

Could you explain how the VIVA Crowns work? You can buy a fraction of a crown on tradeqwik but I thought they were indivisible and you could "mint" VIVA with ownership of that crown.


Yes you can buy fractions, but a VIVA Crown will only be really useful when you have a whole crown. Then you can 'register' a crown, so it gets officially and you can use it. If you now have one crown and you have a business (in real life, that is not minting VIVA), you are permitted to mint VIVA with the Treasury Rights.

I can't tell you how exactely it works, for that you maybe need to read the whitepaper.


Come on cryptos are real life!! And thank you for your answer i'll take your word until i'm interested enough to read the white paper!

oh thanks for this.


No problem!

I understand how it works if you originally have Steem. Thank you for that, it´s an important step forward. My situation is opposite, somehow. I want to make my first purchase of crypto, which will be Steem, to increase my voting power. What I want to do is buy steem with usd. Can I do that through @tradeqwik ?


Yes you can I believe, but I can't help you with that. You could visit the Tradeqwik trollbox: and ask there for help. I think Joe knows how to help you.