Ohm Wallet releases the MAC WALLET. Fill it with FREE OHM!

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Do you like cheese? Too bad. This post isn't about cheese. It's about the MAC WALLET - WE JUST FINISHED IT because we're awesome, our devs are awesome and you're awesome. Because of that, now you can have OHM. Free OHM. And that's awesome.

Comment your wallet address below, resteem this post, and join our reddit community at https://reddit.com/r/ohmwallet. Tell us what your hopes are for the future -- yes, we're serious! Future hopes for free OHM. Do it now.

CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES. SEE THEM DRIVEN BEFORE YOU. That's always cool. Just, make sure you get that free OHM.
50 OHM to our favorite 10 responses! Shhhh... maybe more ;)

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OHM mah gawd!


OHM has fun, strong and lively developers! Thanks

There are around a thousand altcoins and OHM is the coolest. I just joined the community and met really nice people working for a better future for all.

It's great to see all the support OHM is getting. We've had some changes of late (and more are on the way) but the underlying message isn't part of that. I hope that OHM can continue to mean so much, to so many :)

My expectation with OHM is that it completely replaces the $ based economy everyone starts to do act of kindness to get one OHM. A logarithmic increase of kindnesses. Sounds good.

It was fun helping with the Mac Ohm wallet. Including making the little memes while waiting for it.

I always love to see a good dev team on a altcoin project, it's always one of the signs that a project is going to be succesfull. I have been on your reddit twitter and discord and you seem to respond very fast to any question anyone has, I appreciate that. I see a bright future for this coin. We just need to keep promoting this coin so that people can see how great this concept is. Keep it up everyone who has been working on the OHM wallet!


I hope OHM will have a bright future to be the most valuable cryptocoin among others. And the community is very kind ppl. With hugh community OHM will rise to the top. Let's Go OHM .


Ohm is getting stronger and stronger. :)

Hoping for a bright future!

I hope that in the future getting by isn't so hard for me, my friends and everyone else caught up in the everyday struggles.


I am very sry but i have not an redit user , MrKMNx7VuKS1rQ7cDxsfsKkEgNrSGiVw3V

I'm sure ohm wallet will be rapidly developed

I am very happy to hear this. I am following and holding OHM for a long time now. I can say dev team is really doing great job.


Ohm is the future of money, I wanna get a head start. :)