Brand New TRX Dapp "Daily Whales"

in cryptocurrency •  26 days ago

With Daily Whales you can build up a daily income on the TRON blockchain. This will last until the TRX is no longer in the contract.

The contract is completely open source and can be viewed and inspected by anyone. The minimum investment amount is 5000 TRX, hence "Daily Whales". You will enjoy a 1% daily return on your total investment. This is more realistic than many other ROI contracts out there on the Tron blockchain today. 1% guarantees that the contract will not be emptied too quickly.

The minimum investment amount and the daily returns of 1% ensure a rapid increase in the number of TRX in the balance sheets and for the longest possible viability of the contract.

Contract balance currently sitting at 40k TRX.


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New TRON dapps keep on rising day by day. Thanks for sharing this. I just published a post about TRXBlack. Check it out here.