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The long-anticipated wait for the team members, I have gathered information about most of the team and emphasized where I could I will update this accordingly when I receive more information.

Who are the Nuls Team Members?

We have over 20+ team members that all have a part in the project and without them, our foundation wouldn’t be where it is. We would like to thank all the Nuls/InChain team for being a part of our journey so far. Below is a list of the main role members.

Lynn Yang. (Lin Yang) - Founder/Sponsor


31 years old, Lin has been following blockchain technology and is a pioneer in the blockchain space in China. Lin Yang is the creator and founder of InChain. He completed around 70% of the programming work done on InChain. He has extensive knowledge in all areas of coding languages such as Java, Scala, Golang, and PHP with having 8 years of programming under his belt. Lin was devoted to creating a top-level blockchain project which is why he founded InChain and now Nuls. Lin lead the team to research and develop a new consensus mechanism (PoC), a new system framework and a number of innovations and breakthroughs.

Jason Zhang (Xing Zhang) - Lead Developer

31 years old, with over 7 years of experience in the programming field, 6 years’ experience in the banking security sector Jason has designed security systems for dozens of Banks in China, he is familiar with nearly all cryptographic algorithms, PKI Standards, PKCS standards. He has worked for KeYou which is partnered with most of the Chinese Banks and boasts 200+ employees, Jason was in charge of the Treasury Payments Security, Smart Card (EMV) Security, Mobile Banking Device Security and contributed in PC Banking Security. He also worked on Cross-border payments in which 17 banks in China participated in building. before joining the InChain team and is the lead developer of the Nuls project.

Vivi Zhou (Wei Zhou) - Developer

32 years old, Vivi has 7 years of Internet Application Development experience including 4 years of internet banking experience, he has developed accounts systems for a well-known Consumer Finance Company (马上消费金融股份有限公司) MaShang Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. His fields of expertise include rich distribution, big data, and high concurrency architectural work. Vivi is involved in the underlying architectural work of Nuls.

Niels Wang (Zhijian Wang) - Developer

31 years old, with 9 years of programming experience Niels has long been engaged in Internet Application Research and Development, he is proficient in Software System Architecture, processes and related technologies. With rich distribution, large data and large concurrent system architectural experience. He has participated in the Electronic Commerce Platform, Vehicle Networking Platform, Internet Of Things Cloud Platform, Intelligent Environmental Protection industry solutions and other large architectural projects. Niels Wang is involved in the underlying architecture work of Nuls.

Davi Yang - Developer/Product Manager

Davi is 28 years old with 9 years of programming experience, he is sufficient in clientele development and architectural design, he is active in numerous open source communities and is proficient in various development languages and platforms. He is familiar with Windows directUI development, driver development iOS development, and Android development. Davi will develop and maintain the wallets and the blockchain explorer for Nuls.

Xiaoli Wang (Lily Wang) – COO/Co-Founder

Lily is 30 years old, her past experiences are working for Chongqing TV & Science Educational Channel and also Weijingtong which provides the Chinese community with daily news. She is the Co-Founder of the InChain project and Co-Initiator of Nuls. She is proficient in negotiation and strategizing. Her main focus is creating a multilateral cooperation with all nations. Lily is dedicated to promoting the construction of the Nuls community and business affairs to excel Nuls and spread it across the globe.

Reaper Ran (Xiaobo Ran) – Community Operations Leader

Reaper is 27 years old, he has been studying blockchain technology since 2013. Reaper has a very in-depth knowledge of community operations working and building in various communities such as BitShares community in which he was well known in the community and was on the NEO community board. Reaper is in charge of community operations and affairs of the Nuls project. His main goal is to maintain the Nuls community.







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