Could the Next Crypto Be the WhopperCoin from Burger King?

in cryptocurrency •  last year

When I first read about this, I thought it might be a joke. But maybe not. The rumor, according to the Munchies website, is that Burger King is going to create a (sort of) cryptocurrency called WhopperCoin.

It sounds like it will start as a rewards system. Initially, when you buy your Whopper, you'd get a WhopperCoin. It would be a tangible rewards token.

But there's evidently been some passing discussion of developing an app that would allow people to both record their WhopperCoins and eventually use them to buy Whoppers.

There are additional rumors from Russia and some crypto sites that Burger King has produced one billion WhopperCoin. So, okay, purists will argue that if the WhopperCoin is an actual token, then it's not really a cryptocurrency. Point taken.

But from a marketing perspective, maybe they'd eventually deploy the WhopperCoin as an actual cryptocurrency, with an exchange rate and the works. It would be an interesting strategy for branding.

Truth is, the part that caught my attention in the first article is that Burger King in Russia may allow people to pay for their meals with Bitcoin.

Now I'm dying for a Whopper and fries!


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When bitcoin goes to $10,000 each how much would you have paid for that Whopper in future value? I think there's a similar story of a guy who paid for a Pizza years ago in Bitcoin and now the value he paid would be worth thousands!


Yes, I shake my head when anyone talks about using Bitcoin to pay for anything. Now and the forseeable future is the time to hold long imo.