CombiCoin - an Equity Fund Cryptocurrency Made Up of the Top 30 Cryptos By Market Cap!

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The Opportunity

How would you like to be able to invest in a cryptocurrency whose value was made up of the top 30 cryptocurrencies with the highest market cap on the cryptocurrency market? Well, the crypto is currently in ICO and is called CombiCoin.

The goal would be to minimize the risks associated with investing in cryptos. This would attract both individual and institutional investment . 

CombiCoin  is 100% asset backed by the top 30 cryptocurrencies with the highest market cap. This means that much of the volatility associated with cryptocurrency investment will be reduced. This will appeal to a wide variety of investors, including those who are risk-averse.

I think this is an exciting initiative that will attract waves of new investors to the cryptocurrency market.

More Information

Name: CombiCoin by Triaconta


The CombiCoin is what the name implies a combination of cryptocoins, very similar to an equity fund in stock market. CombiCoin is an Ethereum based coin that is 100% asset backed by the top 30 of the currencies with the highest market cap on the cryptocurrency market. At time of creation each cryptocurrency of the top 30 will determine 1/30th of a unit of the CombiCoin. The CombiCoin will always benefit from the growth of the currencies asset backing it and at the same time diversifying the risk significantly.  

 Blockchain technology used 

 It will use uses the blockchain technology of Ethereum

 Pricing mechanism

The value of CombiCoin is determent for 3.33 percent by the actual value of each of the top 30 cryptocurrencies....Through constant monitoring of all exchange rates smart automatic trading software will determine the actual value of CombiCoin and intervene when there is speculation. This will guarantee that the price of CombiCoin will always be 100% based on and asset backed by the top 30 of the cryptocurrency market. The assets will also be actively managed to ensure that your investment stays diversified.

Current Status

  1. ICO Start:  9-1-17
  2. ICO End: 9-30-17

Also, for 10 USD the first investors will receive a CombiCoin and a TRIA token. A TRIA token can be compared with a profit share. Fifty percent of all profit generated by the automatic trading software will be distributed amongst TRIA token holders. These tokens will also be tradable on exchanges.


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