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Europe is one of the continents that has committed the most to the development of distributed accounting technologies, dedicated to discussing a balanced regulatory framework for these financial solutions. In this sense, there are many enthusiasts who want to be aware of the possible consequences of a regularization of cryptocurrencies in the European Union, a request that will be held on March 6 at a meetup in Madrid.

The event will take place at seven o'clock in the evening at the Fragship Store Auditorium of the telecommunications company Telefónica, specifically in the Gran Vía sector, 28. The conference will be attended by the lawyer specialized in digital law, Fernando María Ramos, who is at the same time member of the group of specialists in digital currencies of the Europol, as well as staff of the blockchain and cryptocurrency committee of the Expert Group in the Market of Payment Systems (PSMEG) and active member of the blockchain research laboratory of the MWC10 firm .

Fernando María Ramos is an active member of Europol and a lawyer specializing in digital sector law, position and preparation that allows him to speak properly about possible future blockchain regulations- Source: NWC10.

The conference will focus on analyzing in detail the possible regulatory frameworks established in the European Union for monetary transfers in decentralized networks; legal clarification that will splash to the Initial Offers of Currency and the platforms of purchase of sale of cryptocurrencies, such as the exchange houses.

Likewise, Fernando María Ramos will offer advice for all those blockchain users and cryptographic currencies who wish to secure their investments and cushion possible financial losses in the DLT ecosystem. In the same way, the lawyer will analyze the role that the Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, such as DAO, will play against a solid and widely adopted continental regulatory framework.

The talk was organized by NWC10Lab, a research laboratory and digital transformation ideas specialized in DLT, whose objective is to share knowledge about blockchain through conferences and articulate entrepreneurs, investors and developers for the realization of new blockchain projects in Spanish territory.

In this sense, NWC10 has managed to capitalize important initiatives for the Spanish market, such as the network and the very famous BTC purchase-sale platform, Bit2Me.

For all those interested in attending the event should contact directly with the organizer Emma Albaladejo, by email. However, for those who can not attend the event, they also have the possibility to follow up from Facebook, since the activity will be broadcast by Steemit.