Actinium (ACM) - What is it and Why do I Need to get Involved?

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In May 2017 I started a new hobby - Mining altcoins. During this time I've mined many coins which I wish I hadn't! I mined coins where 20-30% of the block reward went to the founders. I mined coins with 10-20% Premines. These coins are not worthy to hold because these large amounts of founders coins can be dumped at any moment, possibly making my mining effort worthless. I'd be making the founders/devs rich from my mining equipment. Why would I want to support coins like that?

There are not many cryptocurrencies that are as fair as Actinium (ACM). 100% of every ACM in existence has been fairly mined. 100% of every ACM mined goes directly to the person who mined it. You may ask "How can the developers/founders get paid if they did not have any premine at all and there are no founder rewards?" The answer is that the creators of ACM have designed it to be a community-driven project. They do not rely upon ACM to make them rich, they have careers already which put food on their tables. Any developers can come and contribute to the project. People from the ACM community donate bounties for completed work as they please. Anybody who wants to offer any beneficial service to ACM can and will. Does this mean that the devs have no incentive to work? Not at all! ACM attracts devs who want to advance the cryptocurrency scene by creating something new and great, using bleeding-edge technology. That technology is the Lightning Network.

The Lightning Network is a leading solution to solve the bitcoin scalability issue. It will allow for lightning fast transactions at low fees with unlimited scalability. Why does ACM want to incorporate the Lightning Network? For testing, to begin with. The Lightning Network is very much in a beta state right now. Would you rather risk 1 BTC ($6700) or 1 ACM ($0.07) when using the lightning network for the first time? I personally would much rather risk less money! There are only a few coins which have incorporated the Lightning Network, and ACM is one of them. When the Lightning Network does take off, and it will, Actinium is going to be one of its pioneers. In my opinion that is pretty special and it gives ACM an inherent value.

Is it a good time to get into ACM? I would answer this with a resounding YES. This is like asking if you should get into Bitcoin.. 5 years ago. Actinium is in its infancy now, only a few months old. At the time of this writing only about 3.25% of its total supply has been mined. It has a very low supply of less than 3 million circulating ACM of its maximum 84 million. People do not know about ACM yet, but when they will they'll see it's fully decentralized, completely fair, honest, and transparent. This is exactly the type of cryptocurrency project that we, as cryptocurrency supporters, SHOULD be backing.

ACM is a 100% POW mineable coin. It relies on its miners to keep the blockchain moving. It uses the Lyra2z algorithm, which is perhaps the most energy efficient POW algorithm known at this time. The block difficulty adjusts after each block using the Dark Gravity Wave v3 algorithm. Because of this there will always be miners for ACM, as long as it has a value. In its beginnings ACM had started out as a Scrypt coin where the difficulty only adjusted every 2016 blocks, like Bitcoin and Litecoin. Since ACM was a new coin this caused miners to mine hard when difficulty was low, leading to an extremely high difficulty when the next adjustment would kick in and their mining would stop. ACM dealt with this until block 55k, when they implemented the changes to Lyra2z and Dark Gravity Wave v3. Now ACM welcomes a wider audience of GPU miners, and has a blockchain which churns consistently. The community suggested this improvement to the blockchain, and it was done, quickly and effectively.

Already during its fairly short lifespan ACM has these features: desktop wallets for windows, mac, and linux, mobile wallets, hardware wallet integration, Lightning Network features, and nice Exchange listings (TradeOgre and Bitfex). Many more great things are to come for Actinium. The time to get involved is NOW.


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