It makes you doubt the adolescence of our cryptoworld and it's new investors!!!

in cryptocurrency •  last year 

The blood streaming through the streets of the cryptoworld is nothing more than the opportunity to feed of those who are scared to see some blood! the only thing I think when I see so much red is to buy more from those who run in fear!!

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Prices were so high when I joined. A balance was needed and new people could watch the ups and downs. Lesson learned. Joy


and the last few days were a great opportunity to buy some altcoins,
the first thing what I did when I saw all that red was transfer some fiat to my bitstamp account so I could buy as fast as possible.
and yeah a lot of people have learned lessons but they needed to, it will only inprove our world


Lol. You have a lot of determination my friend. That's great. Joy