Looking for opinions, suggestions, constructive criticism new altcoin project...

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Hello everyone!,

I´m looking for your opinions, suggestions, constructive criticism etc on the following;

I´m on a project which is in it´s first steps, I created an altcoin based on cryptonote, I know there are 100´s of new coins everyday, but I think (of course, ;)that could be a project with a
promising future.


It´s a two stage project.

First one is the coin itself, which is done already, the source code it´s on github, website is online (for coin launching) and I´m mining some coins,
I know that a lot of people don´t like the pre-mine stuff, in this case I deemed it necessary because I don´t have funds to invest,
but there´s always the possibility to start from the beginning and "reset" the blockchain to zero.

I´m not considering launching an ICO because I think most people is reluctant to ICO´s.

For the immediate future the plans are to list on YoBit, I know it´s not one of the best options but it´s one of the few that do not require to ~2BTC upfront to list,
and from there start with airdrops and bounties.

The second stage, which I believe is the one that will give traction to the coin and the most important one in this project, is the freelancing platform, there are a lot of these platforms nowadays,
I was a freelancer in a few of them and the fees they charge are quite high, therefore this new platform that will be created won´t charge any fees whatsoever to deposit, receive or withdraw, that is for the freelancer and the employer, maybe there will be some extra "premium" services but no fees to actually hire or work on the platform.

The only form of payment accepted within the platform will be our coin.

I´m aware that the project description is quite short now, the official ANN will come within a couple weeks maybe sooner.

Thanks for your time!

P.S.: The platform will be in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and probably more languages in the future

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