#Bitcoin Price Will Hit $60,000 This Year: Fund Manager...!!!

in cryptocurrency •  6 months ago

Phillip Nunn, chief executive officer of Manchester-based investment firm Blackmore Group, is standing by his bullish prediction that the bitcoin price will reach $60,000 in 2018, according to BusinessCloud.

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Besides being bullish on bitcoin, Nunn is also a proponent of blockchain technology in general. As BusinessCloud noted, he believes it will disrupt every existing industry and “the whole world,” as we’re moving “from an internet of information to an internet of value.”..Click here to know the details story


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Great article. If Bitcoin can go to usd6oK, why people are so worry about the current price of bitcoin going to 6K or 2K? We should look at long term perspective instead of short term view. Just buy at current price and lock it up in to locker for 10 years and go to coma. Then wake up and see what the price is. This is the best strategy for investment in Bitcoin.