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Last night i was reading whitepaper of daneel and i was impressed by the solution they are bringing.
Their main objective is to design the first intelligent personal assistant who can accompany us in the daily management of cryptocurrency.
These days there are many assistant bots on various platforms but they have certain limitations. So there is a need of solution to remove those limitations and have following features:
▪Understand and interpret natural human language.
▪ Analyse and select the most reliable information available.
▪ Interact in a relevant way, in order to communicate the right trend at the right time.

These solutions are brought up by DANEEL, a personal assistant based on Watson, one of the most efficient artificial intelligences in the market, who will be providing daily assistance in the world of cryptocurrency.

Through this, we will have ready access to an intelligent counsellor able to:
▪ Understand and interact with us
▪ Keep us informed in real time, with quality information that he gathered and analysed himself
▪ Identify and capture the different emotions of the market
▪ Alert you as soon as one of your investments is in jeopardy
▪ Facilitate easy portfolio follow-up and management, as well as ease of sales and purchases.
▪ Provide daily advice on your investments and on market trends
▪ Provide personally-tailored indicators.

Also daneel is suited for all type of investors i.e begineer, intermediate, advanced.

DANEEL's feature:

-Gather, aggregate and analyse information.
-Analyse the Emotions of the Market
-Define a Cryptocurrency Confidence Score
-Access to the detailed analytical report of cryptocurrency
-Manage your cryptocurrency portfolio
-Place orders in one click
-Social trading & social interactions

The services and functionalities mentioned will be accessible via a web platform and a mobile application, directly at the site www.daneel.io or through downloading the mobile application that will be available at a future date.

DANEEL has issued ERC 20 tokens namely DAN tokens which will be used to subscribe to a monthly service enabling the use of all Daneel features and interact with the platform and its users.
DAN tokens can be aquired:
• By investing during the Initial Coin Offering phase.
• By buying tokens on the exchange platforms that will trade DAN.

To buy DAN tokens head to https://daneel.io/login and purchase it before its too late. it will end on 5th march.
Total supply : 100 000 000 tokens.

The list of accepted cryptocurrencies during ICO phase is the following:
▪ Bitcoin (BTC)
▪ Litecoin (LTC)
▪ Ethereum (ETH)
▪ Monero (XMR)
▪ Dash (Dash)
▪ Ether Classic (ETC)
▪ Lisk (LSK)
▪ Stratis (STRAT)
▪ Waves (WAVES)
▪ Zcash (ZEC)
▪ Ripple (XRP

You can checkout their whitepaper at https://daneel.io/whitepaper/en/daneel-wp-latest.pdf.