What online stores would you recommend that accept cryptocurrencies?

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Hello my friends, not my usual topic but more of a question to the SteemIt community.

Are there any stores online that accept cryptocurrencies that you use? If so, are they reliable?
I would like to assemble a trusted list of stores that ship worldwide and share with the community!

I will mention a few of the stores that I've been using and my experiences with them:
Steam - Accepts bitcoin, amazing software and very reliable company, Valve is fantastic (Half-life 3 not included).
G2A - Good for purchasing discounted games, just mind the seller.
I know both are gaming related, but to be honest I have not used my btc (and other crypto) for many purchases without converting it to fiat, that is mostly why I am asking.

P.S.: I remembered that I purchased hardware wallets online as well via alllthingsdecentral.

P.S.2: There is a similar discussion going on reddit!


Some stores like Amazon also accepts bitcoins :D

Amazon? Really?
I wasn't aware of that!

check it out, Lamborghini also accepting Bitcoins :D

Soon, very soon hahah