RE: Dash saves Venezuela from Collapse? (video/podcast)

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Dash saves Venezuela from Collapse? (video/podcast)

in cryptocurrency •  5 months ago

No worries. I find it an interesting subject to be honest. Not only that i'm involved in the engagement and curation league which means that not only do i read a lot of the articles on steemit but need to give good and detailed comments to hold my position. Before that i used to just read and vote but rarely comment.

Any big crypto project like this is going to hold my attention as i think that we are invested to some degree or another and want to see it doing well.

Yes, I always bring up Steem as an example of a blockchain project which has real-world use, and now it looks like Dash is also stepping into that area.

Hopefully what we see now is a few more of the blockchains coming in the real use category to give them value rather than just potential.

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