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RE: Dash saves Venezuela from Collapse? (video/podcast)

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Dash saves Venezuela from Collapse? (video/podcast)

in cryptocurrency •  22 days ago

The whole situation when it started going south was such a mess in general. How can any part of a country function when it currency and economy doesn't have any value.

It does however make an interesting case study for the usability of crypto in the general world. Not taking away from how hard it must be to live through a crises like this but we can see dash being properly road tested and see it being used as an alternative for a fiat economy. If it can gain mass adoption in the country and outside Venezuela as a result then who knows what could snowball from that.

In Venezuela, the Dash treasury funded a call centre to help people set up wallets, monthly conferences in Caracas, among other projects to get the word out, and it worked. Discover Dash lists over 1000 retailers in Venezuela - restaurants, real estate agents, accountants, and it seems there are many more small retailers which aren't listed, food trucks and stalls in Caracas and Maracay.

These are all beginnings to mass adoption of crypo for general use which is the push that they all need. One of the main problems with most blockchains is the lack of working product. This is a fine example of it being a feasible alternative to an existing structure. Hopefully it works out for the people who need it.

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Thanks for your detailed comment; I think it's the best one I've got since I started the channel.

Yes, I always bring up Steem as an example of a blockchain project which has real-world use, and now it looks like Dash is also stepping into that area. I want to talk to some more Venezuelans about it, to see how they think about it… especially about the volatility of crypto compared to the hyperinflation of the bolívar. One fellow I asked said that, even if the economy recovered, Dash wouldn't disappear. It's too much a part of how they do things now. So the roots are planted.

Take care, be well


No worries. I find it an interesting subject to be honest. Not only that i'm involved in the engagement and curation league which means that not only do i read a lot of the articles on steemit but need to give good and detailed comments to hold my position. Before that i used to just read and vote but rarely comment.

Any big crypto project like this is going to hold my attention as i think that we are invested to some degree or another and want to see it doing well.

Yes, I always bring up Steem as an example of a blockchain project which has real-world use, and now it looks like Dash is also stepping into that area.

Hopefully what we see now is a few more of the blockchains coming in the real use category to give them value rather than just potential.