VeChain is adding 50 MILLION to the Node Program!!

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So, today VeChain announced their new X node early adopter rewards program! What does this mean for you? VeChain has always had a node structure. It use to be 10k VEN/VET would get you the Strength Node on their platform (this will continue after March 20th.) With the addition of X node, you now only need 6K VEN/VET to lock yourself into the X node program. This offer will end on March 20th, when they will never allow x nodes again.

What do you get with the X-Node? You still get the same Base VeThor reward at predetermined speed. You still get the addition VeThor reward from the 150m VET's pool. ANDDDDD you now also will get the VeThor Rewards from the foundations 50m VET reward pool!

In order to get your spot in the early adopter reward program, you must have your VET stored in a trackable wallet such as myetherwallet. After the 20th of March you will the just to maintain above the thresholds 16k for the strength x node and so on. I love this idea as it will embrace and support HODLERS!

VeChain for the win! Thor is dropping the Hammer!

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good informative post..Everything about topic is briefly described

Thanks, it has seemed to be confusing for a lot of people even after reading the charts. If you do not get an X node you will still be able to get the regular strength node with. You just won't get access to the extra 50m pool for the x node