Article about a new cryptocurrency called BEAM value coin.

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Write an article about beam and how it will change the way crypto users store value.


The core view of the beam project is to create a reward of value coin for its users . Beam value coin is designed with scalability and features in mind which performs great tasks, such as private by default and it is based on mimblewimble . These features beam value coin provides gives or offers a system whereby it's users has total control over transaction of data available , which gives the confidence to its users that they have the option of transparency as well as privacy. The beam value coin is a platform where crypto users sends and receive money from other block chain in a secure and private way. It also provides the removal of addresses and amounts in the verification of transactions. Beam value coin is designed up to the standard and is credible when compared to the block chain cryptocurrency.

Current block chain solutions.

Today alot of cryptocurrencies block chain are designed by default to entertain or give information to third party individuals about other transactions made by people in their platform. Alot of block chain solution do not have the capability to keep transactions on their platform private and confidential.

Note on mimblewimble protocol.

As it is stated , it is the core technology behind the beam value coin platform ,it's name was derived from the "Harry Potter's" tongue tying spell . The concept of mimble winble protocol is to enable private transactions without clogging up the network.these particular protocol performs alot of things in the beam value coin platform , private transactions and payments of money are made without any third party knowing. companies and individuals predates this protocol because it assists in not providing addresses of transactions made it also helps companies to keep salaries and information's about their staff.

Benefits of choosing levels of privacy.

The beam value coin through the mimble winble protocol has created such a wonderful and incredible platform for companies,individuals investing into the cryptocurrency block chain because it creates a very high trust and transparency with its privacy and confidentiality system, which makes it easy and likeable to every crypto users who wants it's transactions to be a closed door network in the crypto block chain. Companies also benefits through the use case, because it enables them to protect the information ,about their employees and other relevant items such as salaries,incomes etc.


Beam value coin designed their platform to hasten and provide quality service to its
users by reducing the blocks of transactions list on its platform.
The beam value coin platform was designed to create and provide for its users the privacy and limited sources to information about individuals and companies transactions.
So with these limitations to list of transactions is has increased the trust and confidence it's users had on the platform. Whereby achieving a good and accurate measure of block chain system.


In a modernised society, and digitalised world in which we find our self . Trading , commercialisation and financial practices within and around the globe are being achieved in moments of seconds with people, conglomerate you know or have little information about . So with the introduction of cryptocurrency block chain a decentralised system where investors come to store value. These world of decentralised economy block chain can only sustained and maintained if appropriate limits are achieved in order to create trust and confidence to crypto users and beginners. Privacy is very important in the store value economy in order to reduce the risk of impersonating ,theft, unauthorised access of one's wallet address , An investor who wants to invest real big might not want traces of his transactions record at all, l see privacy to be good in the store value block chain. Privacy in the store value block chain provides it's users the need not being a target for cyber crimes, hackers , and other related questions about their sources of income by authorities.



Beam Position Paper

Mimblewimble Paper



"Beam 2018"

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