Says Cryptocurreny "Enables far-right extremists" but mines it on your computer

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Salon has an article entitled "Is Bitcoin enabling right-wing extremists?" 

Go to it with AdBlock on Google Chrome, and they'll actually prompt you to let them mine cryptocurrency on your computer.

When you investigate the service doing the mining, Coinhive tells you the following (bolding mine):

What Exactly Is Computed Here?
When allowing the computations to run, your Processor solves a mathematical puzzle - the hashing algorithm for the Monero Blockchain. Monero is a Crypto Currency, not unlike Bitcoin. Essentially, you're mining XMR - the currency for the Monero Blockchain. With each hash you solve, you create a tiny bit of XMR, less than one one-thousands of a dollar cent. But it all adds up.The proceeds go to the authors of the Website and help to cover their costs.You can embed this script in your own website, too and let your users mine XMR for you. Have a look at for the details.

What do you think of this? Is Salon intellectually consistent here? Leave your ideas in the comments.

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What a bunch of hypocrites! Thanks for the post.

lol maybe salon are far right extremists :-P


from the subtitle: "the racist far right [and Salon]'s reliance on the trendy cryptocurrency"

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Well I quoted them so...